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The Dyson Advantage

The Global Asia Studies major is a 36-credit double-track multidisciplinary program. Students follow either an Asian languages and cultures track or a Comparative Asian studies track. This program advances a cross-cultural understanding of Asia and the world and develops competent bilingual area specialists and professionals for graduate school, for government and international organizations, or for employment in a globalized economy. This program aims to help students develop a unique portfolio of understanding about Asia with a global outlook and to acquire practical knowledge and bilingual skills needed to thrive in today’s dynamic international landscape.

Compared with other undergraduate Asian studies programs in New York City, Dyson's Global Asia Studies major at Pace University is unique because of its emphasis on interdisciplinary learning, global literacy, and career preparation. The program explores Asia’s global connectivity from the past to the present, surveying the core cultures in East Asia, South Asia, and Inner Asia, and analyzing cross-cultural interactions both inside Asia and between Asian regions and the world.

Learning That Inspires Your Intellect

BA in Global Asia Studies

Global Asia Studies offers a wide array of classroom experiences. Along with traditional lectures and seminars, students will encounter small-group intensive language preparation, supervised independent research assignments, as well as technology-based instruction.

Another signature specialty of this program includes many film-centered courses that provide an opportunity to view and study rare Asian feature films and documentaries.

The program also gives students the opportunity to participate in diversified curriculum activities. In addition to enriching the learning experience, undergraduates participating in these activities gain bilingual knowledge, work experience and skills, and the professional networks needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market. The program works closely with Pace’s History department and Confucius Institute to host seminars and lectures

Study Abroad

Study abroad is an excellent opportunity for students to gain a wider exposure to Asia through completing a semester of coursework at a foreign university or participating in faculty-led study trips. Global Asia Studies faculty offers short-term study trips to China and Mongolia. The University has regular exchange programs with universities in Hong Kong and Japan, and participates in numerous nationally renowned programs for study abroad, offering students many ways to spend a semester or a year overseas.

Additional Language Training

The Global Asia Studies major works closely with Pace’s Confucius Institute to provide additional credit-hour Mandarin-Chinese instructions, and to assist students in applying for scholarships for studying in China. Similar services are to be added to assist students in getting scholarships for Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Independent Student-Faculty Research

Independent research in Global Asia Studies allows students to work closely with faculty on student designed topics or on current faculty research projects. Similar to internships, independent research is a valuable part of the education, providing experience critical to future employment and graduate work.

Students in our program have presented papers at regional and national scholarly conferences and have published articles on such topics as “Korean War Brides,” “Wikileaks on U.S.-China Rivalries over Taiwan,” and “Russian-Chinese Border Relations.”

To complete this 36-credit Global Asia Studies major, students can pursue one of the following tracks:

Track 1: Asian Languages and Cultures 36—38 Credits

  1. Asian Languages Courses 18—20
  2. Global Asia Topical Courses 9
  3. Electives 3
  4. Research Seminars 3
  5. Senior Thesis 3

Track 2: Comparative Asian Studies 36—38 Credits

  1. Asian Languages Courses 9—11
  2. Global Asia Topical Courses 18
  3. Electives 3
  4. Research Seminars 3
  5. Senior Thesis 3

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Dyson's Innovative Scholarly Faculty

The program involves full-time faculty members from various academic disciplines such as History, Modern Languages, Literature, Economics, and Communication Studies. The breadth and depth of different disciplines and faculty expertise will provide a well-integrated academic structure for students to study a rich array of Asia-related topics.

The Program Directors are Dr. Joseph T. Lee, a specialist in Chinese Social and Religious History and Dr. Ronald K. Frank whose research focus is Japanese Legal History and Inner Asia.  All the core and affiliated faculty members of the Global Asia Studies program hold doctoral degrees from leading universities in the United States and Europe. Our faculty have taught and published on subjects such as medieval Japan, modern China, China-Western religious interactions, U.S.-China relations, Japanese legal history, Hong Kong and Bollywood cinemas, and the globalization of Asia.


The Global Asia Studies program helps students to search for internships in New York City’s Asian cultural institutions in the hope of testing academic knowledge against practice experience. Students leave each semester with new connections in the community, professional skills-sets, and a deepened understanding of diasporic Asian cultures.

Career Opportunities

Students who major in Global Asia Studies will find numerous opportunities awaiting them in global business, international law, government, medicine, science, higher education, and cultural and technological exchange.