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We offer a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History, which is a flexible major that allows you to experiment, explore and take control of your education. Studying history trains you to think clearly, to interpret evidence and to confront complex issues in informed ways.

Our program gives you the opportunity to study state power, ethnic and religious conflict, sexual oppression, racial hierarchies, wealth and war in the fields of American, European, Asian, African, Latin American, and Middle Eastern history.

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BA in History

This degree program prepares students for careers in law, education, publishing, diplomacy, museums, and public administration. Concentrations are offered in U.S., European, and world (Asian, African, Latin American, and Middle Eastern) histories. The major may be combined with a number of different minors including Modern Languages, Economics, Management, Marketing and Law. For History majors who wish to accelerate, there are combined undergraduate/graduate programs.

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This program provides students with an excellent preparation for law school, graduate work, teaching, and a variety of private and public service positions.


Studying history provides students with an excellent preparation for law school, graduate work, teaching, and a variety of private and public service positions. The history major is linked to graduate programs within Pace, such as the Pre-Law curriculum, the Master of Public Administration, and the Master of Science in Teaching.

History (Social Studies), BA/Adolescent Education, MST
The combined degree program in History and Adolescent Education is offered by the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences and the Pace University School of Education. It leads to a Bachelor of Arts in History and Master of Science for Teachers in Adolescent Education (Grades 7-12).  At the graduate level, candidates will complete the educational components required to fulfill the requirement for the initial and professional certificates in Social Studies/History.

History, BA/ Public Administration, MPA
This combined degree provides students to think and communicate clearly, interpret evidence and confront complex issues facing society today while analyzing our past creating a strong foundation and knowledge of policy and legislative issues focusing on government theory, nonprofit and healthcare management. 

History, BA/Law, JD
Average length of program is 6 years – 3 years in the bachelor’s program and 3 years at the Pace Law School.

Dyson's Innovative Scholarly Faculty

The History faculty includes nationally and internationally recognized scholars, who are also engaging teachers, whether in the classroom or online. Their scholarship is evidenced by their numerous books, monographs, and articles published in journals, newspapers, and periodicals intended for general audiences. The department’s faculty members also present their research at international, national and regional conferences.

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Business Insider recognized Pace as providing first-rate integrated learning opportunities, where students "gain hands-on experience in their fields through internships, practicums, and fieldwork."