Minor in African and African-American Studies
The minor is composed of 18 credits (six courses) in history, the social sciences, english literature, and the fine arts. Students who enroll in the minor will be able to conduct research on the graduate level, specialize in public administration, law, archival work in libraries, social work, and find employment in educational positions which require astute sensitivity in social issues of diversity. Except for the public accounting major, business majors are compatible with the African and African-American Studies minor.

Minor in East Asian Studies
The East Asian Studies Minor is designed to give students a broad introduction to East Asian culture. The eighteen credits required for the completion of the minor include two or three courses in either the Chinese or Japanese languages (Group A) and a choice of three or four courses from the fields of history, art, and religion (Group B). A minor in East Asian Studies can complement a wide variety of majors in business, social sciences, or the humanities. Exposure to East Asian subject matter may give graduates a significant edge in future career choices in the global marketplace. It is also very often a first step towards the more in-depth study of East Asian languages and cultures.

Minor in History
Students with other majors can minor in English by concentrating in either upper-division literature or writing courses.

Minor in Middle Eastern Studies

Minor in New York City Studies
The New York City Studies minor offers you a big bite of “the big apple.” New York City Studies consists of a series of courses that explore the history and culture of New York. By studying literary, sociological, scientific and historical texts; by visiting and exploring the city's museums, performances, and neighborhoods; and by working in and serving the city’s communities, students will attain a rich understanding of the complex and diverse heritage they inherit by participating in this program.