Service and Study in Argentina

Argentina, a country which features striking contrasts between city and countryside, is the destination of one of the HIS 243 travel courses. We’ll spend the spring semester in multi-disciplinary study of Argentina’s history, political system, culture and social dynamics. Our Pace Plaza seminar will also include a visit from an expert on Argentine trade sent by the Consulate-General and a look at several examples of the brilliant national cinema. We’ll do exercises in culture shock, team-building, and service learning. Then, during mid-May, we’ll travel to South America. Our trip will begin with a weekend in lovely, cosmopolitan Buenos Aires,one of Latin America’s most beautiful cities (see photo at bottom, center). We’ll tour Plaza de Mayo, the San Telmo neighborhood and other historic sites and sample the pulsating, syncopated rhythms of tango, the culture phenomenon that reflects Argentina’s diverse roots.

Next, we’ll travel to Tucumán, a hinterland province embraced by the Andes Mountains. After a day in the provincial capital, we’ll journey to the village of Tafí del Valle. Tafí exemplifies the poor and underdeveloped Interior of an otherwise relatively prosperous country. Unlike the  European tinged area around Buenos Aires, this region’s culture is mostly native American (Inca or Quechua). Our service project has two venues: an elementary school and a hospital. While most of the team will repaint and repair the school building, Pre-Medical, Nursing and Physician Assistant majors will exchange treatment perspectives with hospital medical and nursing staff. Cultural seminars led by the Tucumanos include an introduction to Quechua culture and folk medicine. Our visit will be capped with a brief tour of the spectacular valley which surrounds Tafi, including a look at ancient Inca archeology.

Note: The Argentina version of History 243: Service and Study in Latin America, is offered every fourth year, in rotation with our three other course destinations.  Check the Pace University spring class schedule under “History” to see if it is being offered this year. See what other students said after taking this courseHasta luego!