Service and Study in Brazil

Do you dream of learning about Brazil by travelling there and “making a difference” by working with its people?  Then the Brazil venue of HIS 243 - Service and Study in Latin America is for you. Offered every fourth year in rotation with three other Latin American countries, HIS 243’s Brazilian destination features intensive, multi-dimensional classroom study of the country’s past and present, using the vantage points of several social sciences. We’ll examine history, politics, culture, race and class, including themes such as Rio’s famous carnaval. Then, during mid-May, we’ll travel south of the Equator to really experience the country, its people and problems.

The course’s classroom segment includes workshops on overcoming “culture shock” and team bonding.  In Rio, when not working on our project, we’ll visit museums and historic sites and take in a local film or play. In the evening, free time will be available for independent exploration, socializing, and exploring this melting pot of races and cultures. Our service venue is Escola Municipal Pace, a public school named after the university  located on the fringes of one of Rio’s largest favelas (poor  districts). Part of our project will be conducted in the favela at a center created by the residents themselves.  The project is a pioneering educational experience: Pace’s is the only US university offering communitarian learning in a favela location.

HIS 243’s Brazil experience is exciting, but it’s anything but “plain vanilla”.  Do you find exciting the idea of “making a difference” by living and working with poor people in a radically different culture?  Are you willing to do several days of hard physical labor, wielding a paint roller or cement trowel and working alongside Brazilians?  If the answer to all these questions is "Yes!," you’ve got the mindset and skills to join us! 

Note: The Brazil version of History 243: Service and Study in Latin America, is offered every fourth year, in rotation with our three other course destinations.  Check the Pace University spring class schedule under “History” to see if it is being offered this year. See what other students said after taking this course. See you in Rio-- Até logo!