Service and Study in Peru

Located in the heart of the ancient Inca Empire, Peru is a storehouse of one of Latin America’s classic civilizations.  In the Peruvian version of HIS 243, you’ll get to know both sides of this fascinating country: its ancient and modern faces.  We’ll begin with a semester studying Peru’s history, culture, race and class relations.  We’ll host guest lecturers on archeology, culture shock,  and service learning. Then, during mid-May, for 8-9 days we’ll travel to Cuzco, the ancient Inca capital.  We’ll decamp for a trainride to Machu Picchu, an entire Inca “lost city.”  Returning to Cuzco, for five days we’ll assist Quechua (pure Indian) people who work as cargadores (human beasts of burden) in the city’s public market. Our partner is a Cuzco NGO  whose mission is to provide lodging, meals and job training.  Its goals are social aid and cultural survival.  Team members work in the kitchen, providing basic nutrition and temporarily replacing staff.  We’ll also participate in seminars about rural poverty, Inca culture, and spend time in the city’s fascinating open air markets.  Substantial free time is set aside, so you’ll have an opportunity to partake in Cuzco’s famous restaurants and nightlife.

Do you dream of extending your cultural horizons? Would you like to know more about the Third World, its people and problems?  Are you interested in “making a difference” by working hard alongside native Peruvians?  If the answer to these questions is “Yes,” you’re ready to join us!

Note: The Peru version of History 243: Service and Study in Latin America, is offered during the spring semester of every fourth year, in rotation with our three other course destinations.  Check the Pace University spring class schedule under “History” to see if it is being offered this year. See what other students said after taking this course. See you in Machu Picchu!