Student Feedback

Want to know how some students who took this course felt about it?  Here are comments from students who participated in the visits to Argentina, Brazil or Peru which were made on between 1995 and 2001.

Student Feedback from History 243: Service and Study in Latin America

“I learned an incredible amount from this course; not only in class, but of course in the field.”

“I particularly liked the practical service part of the course.  Being able to experience the people and practice the language.”

“The fact that we were able to experience what we were studying firsthand was not only helpful, but educational and informative. . .  Courses like this should be offered more frequently and include all majors.  This course has been one of the best I’ve taken.”

“I liked the hands-on experience.  The cultural exchange was definitely worthwhile and a fulfilling experience.”

“I found the service and study combination very useful in a Latin American class.  It was such an incredible experience…  Keep providing courses like this one.  They’re great!”

“The experience and the knowledge that was gained were unforgettable. . . We need more service learning classes!”

“Actually seeing the country and people that I was learning about is an experience that I will remember always. . . I think there should be more service learning and travel courses.”

“I found the applied sense of learning most valuable.  The service experience changed my life and the way I view the world.”

“I really liked the valuable and strong bond that was born between us and the professor.  I also will be forever grateful because this course is responsible for opening my horizons and being a source of inspiration in my life and career.”

“Please offer more courses like this so that students gain more of an idea of different cultures and countries.”

Student Feedback from LAS 201: Latin America, the Caribbean and the World

“The internship experience was wonderful and very rewarding.  It definitely served its purpose… I loved the course!.”

“Dr. Greenberg was very encouraging to all the students in regards to their internships.  He was very understanding and an extremely helpful teacher.  This course has given me greater insight into the Latin American/Caribbean experience.  It was a pleasure to be in Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Bynoe’s class: I learned a great deal.”

“[The instructors] do a wonderful job with this Latin American course.”

“I especially liked the professor’s experience with the countries concerned… He is definitely passionate about the subject and seems to have made it a life’s work.”

“[The instructors] are extremely knowledgeable about the subject.”

“I appreciate the way this course relates to my field of work.”