Language Placement Exams

Transfer Students

Do you wish to continue study of a language you have received transfer credit for? You do not need to take this exam. But if you wish to resume study of French‚ Spanish‚ Italian, Chinese, or Russian and you studied that language for at least two full years in high school, then you need to take the placement test. Please follow the instructions as outlined below for freshmen..

New Freshmen

This test should be taken by students who have indicated on their Course Selection Questionnaire that they wish to take French‚ Spanish, Russian, Chinese or Italian and that they have completed at least two years of study in that language. (This test is not necessary if you want to study a language you have never studied previously!) The results of the test, a 15-20 minute multiple choice survey of your knowledge of the language, will help to ensure that the level of your course placement most closely matches your ability in the language.

To access the French, Spanish, Russian or Chinese exam, log on This will bring you to the sign-in page.

The issue with signing in to take the language exams has been fixed.  The password language828 now works.     

Enter the password which is language828 (all small letters, no spaces) and select your language from the drop down box. This will then open a sign in page. Complete the identifying information at the top of the page: your first and last name, your Pace University ID number, and your email address. Your Pace ID number is at the top right of your admission letter and begins with a U (e.g., U12345678). If you are unsure about your ID number, please call the NY or PLV CAE at 212-346-1285 or 914-773-3434.

You do not need to answer any of the survey questions.

To begin the exam, click the Continue button at the bottom of the page. Once you complete the exam you will see your score. You should print this page so that you have a copy of it. After printing this page, click on the finished button.

  • You may take your exam anytime prior to your scheduled Orientation, but no later than the day before you attend Orientation. This will enable us to get your score to the advisor who is preparing your schedule.
  • You may take the exam only once. For placement purposes we will accept only the first score.
  • Scores will remain valid for a full year.

For students wishing to take the Italian Placement Test, please click on the following link: Students taking the Italian test should take it no later than five days before their scheduled orientation date. To log in, you will be asked to enter your user name and password. Your user name was included in the letter that you received with instructions for signing up for Orientation. When you logged in with the password that was provided, you were then prompted to select your own password. If you cannot find your user name, click on the White Pages link and look yourself up in the student directory. For your password, click on the password link.

Password Resets: (Apps/Downloads/Account Management page)

  • Click on Activate your Account (only for first-time students who never activated their portal accounts before)
  • Set password using proper guidelines and set up secret questions


  • Click on Password Reset (if student already activated his/her account, but forgot the password)

White Pages/ Student Email Lookup: (Look up a faculty, staff, or student email user name)

  • Enter First and Last name in the Name field
  • Select Only Students in the Person Type field
  • Click Search
  • Once the student’s record is displayed, click on View Details on the right

If you have any questions please contact the Modern Languages Department in New York at 212.346-1498 or Pleasantville at 914.773-3818. You may also contact the Center for Academic Excellence at (212) 346-1386 in New York or (914) 773-3434 in Pleasantville.