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BA in Directing

The BA in Directing is a selective and one-of-kind program that develops a student’s skills in narrative storytelling and dramatic action throughout various forms of theatrical expression. As part of the International Performance Ensemble (I.P.E.), the training process is project-oriented and provides students multiple opportunities to collaborate closely with actors, designers, playwrights, dramaturges, and technicians. Directing students develop a distinctive voice and perspective through hands-on experience for work in both commercial and not-for-profit theatre as well as creating and touring with projects around the world.

A New Approach

Students in the BA Directing major are trained in fundamental principles of the director's role in the life of a production, including understanding and creating stage composition and preparation of the script for production – from analysis and concept through rehearsal techniques and realization.

The goal is to acquire the tools on creating a structure for storytelling, help young directors find their voice, easily recognize and analyze the basic elements of dramatic action in performances, and provide a clear understanding of director’s choices when dealing with a specific style. Students take classes in directing, acting, design, theatre history, script analysis, stage and crew management, lighting design, voice, movement, and dance.

A director’s vision is developed through exploration of craft and process across a wide range of theory and practice. In addition to studying and applying the techniques of great American and European theatre masters, students are encouraged to experiment the concept and execution of directing as an interdisciplinary form through the multiplicity of styles, genres, spaces and technologies.

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A Chance To Connect

Every successful career is based as much on what you know as who you know.  Our campus is rooted in New York City’s theater community, and you start to build relationships the day you arrive at Pace Performing Arts, not the day you graduate. With department permission and guidance, students are permitted to work on professional productions while still enrolled at school.

Become One of Us

All applicants must first read the complete interview requirements and then upload the required materials. If a callback has been issued, an interview must be scheduled on campus, over the phone, or via Skype (details below).

All applicants must prepare to discuss his/her vision on ONE of the following plays:

  • Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare
  • The Seagull by Chekhov
  • A Doll’s House by Ibsen

The discussion will focus on your approach to the production, your staging and design ideas, and the way you will be working with the actors during rehearsals.  Your emphasis should clearly impart your artistic vision and focus less on the plot of the play.  You may also want to discuss the type of theater in which the production will take place and the specific audience who will be seeing it.

Candidates living abroad are interviewed in person when circumstances allow; otherwise, they are interviewed by phone or Skype.