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Philosophy is the love of wisdom, the pursuit of knowledge, and a critical analysis of what we think we know about ourselves, our society, and our universe. In the uncertain world in which we live, it is more important than ever to understand the beliefs of others. By finding out how others think and reason, the world in which we live can become more meaningful and the distance between different cultures and belief systems could be narrowed.

The Philosophy and Religious Studies Department at Pace University’s New York City and Pleasantville campuses offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies.  We offer minors in Philosophy, Religious Studies, Environmental Studies and Classical and Medieval Studies.

Our program introduces students to a variety of ideas from the philosophical tradition, enhances critical and conceptual thinking, prepares students for graduate and professional study, careers in government, business and non-profit organizations, and gives them strong analytic, problem-solving and writing skills.

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BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies

Our program lets you combine a broad survey of major figures and ideas in philosophy as well as in the major world religions, with in-depth studies of specific philosophers or particular religions. You may concentrate on either philosophy or religious studies and pursue a course of study that prepares you to go to graduate school or directly into a rewarding career.

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Combined degree programs enable qualified students to earn both undergraduate and master’s degrees in less time than it takes to earn each degree separately.  

BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies/JD in Law
The philosophy and religious studies major can be combined with a law degree from Pace University’s School of Law.

We lead the way in offering Learning Communities taught by two faculty from different disciplines, discussing the same topics or issues from different disciplinary perspectives. Our courses are offered on every level, from basic 100-level courses that students can use to satisfy any of the Areas of Knowledge to our 400-level capstone courses for seniors.

Our faculty also offers out-of-class learning experiences. Every summer, Dr. Larry Hundersmarck leads a group of Pace students to Rome, Italy, for a five-week course, which is taught together with faculty from the University of Rome. The course focuses on the diverse sides of the ancient city, including its religion, architecture, history and culture. Other faculty members periodically teach travel-study courses in locations such as Greece or Israel.

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Business Insider recognized Pace as providing first-rate integrated learning opportunities, where students “gain hands-on experience in their fields through internships, practicums, and fieldwork."