What Our Graduates Are Saying

  Michal Klincewicz
  - Michal Klincewicz

“In 1997, when I started the BS major in computer science, Pace had no philosophy major and relatively few philosophy courses. Given that there was a considerable student community interested in philosophy, this was bound to change, and it soon did.

The Philosophy and Religious Studies major is unique among undergraduate philosophy majors in the New York metropolitan area. I think a part of why this program is unique has to be connected to how the major came to exist. Student interests bore directly on the structure of the major. Consequently, the major encourages individualized study and rewards creative self-motivation. In my case, a computer science background dovetailed with interests in philosophical logic, philosophy of mind, and classical Greek. I also helped run the Center for Applied Ethics under the direction of Burton Leiser. The direction of interest went the other way as well, as I started to focus on issues in artificial intelligence. In the capstone robotics course for my BS, I ended up reading, among other things, David Chalmers’ The Conscious Mind, and wrote a paper on how the lab’s robot didn’t have a mind. What a blast! Even though I received two degrees, the flexibility of the faculty and the major requirements allowed me to combine them into one coherent package.

My combined degrees prepared me for writing computer programs as much as for my enrollment in a Ph.D. program in philosophy in The Graduate Center at the City University of New York. Recently, as part-time faculty, I’ve been delighted to be apart of Pace Philosophy, teaching logic, ethics, and philosophy of mind. It’s incredibly rewarding to continue the Pace tradition from the perspective of a teacher. I’ve designed and put on courses to a small group of dedicated students, as well participated in honors learning communities with faculty from the school of computer science. The program has developed beyond what it was when I graduated from Pace in 2002, and I expect it will continue to be excellent in the future.”

- Michal Klincewicz

“The Philosophy and Religious Studies Department at Pace University has many wonderful qualities. The three characteristics that I find most unique and which separate it from other philosophy departments are that it offers personal attention to every student, its curriculum is comprehensive, and each of its principal teachers specializes in a different field.

Moreover, and perhaps the most significant aspect of Pace’s Philosophy and Religious Studies program is that every student gets a personal education that can be tailored to his or her liking. The option to create your own tutorial in which the student has a say in generating a course topic and reading list is one feature that is seldom available at other institutions.

Pace’s Philosophy and Religious Studies Department is a program that is geared towards the student’s interests with the help of a knowledgeable faculty that cares about reciprocal learning and teaching. After finishing four years of an exhaustive curriculum, with the added bonus of creating my own tutorials, I feel as if Pace’s Philosophy and Religious Studies program has more than sufficiently paved the way for my continued education in graduate school.”

- Mark Wilson, Philosophy and Religious Studies Major and Honors College, Class of 2009