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The Dyson Advantage

Students majoring in Political Science at Pace University quickly realize that the wall between the classroom and the real world doesn’t exist; the classroom becomes the gateway from one to the other. Political Science at Pace has the unique ability to connect theory and praxis, scholarly work and civic engagement, local politics and international affairs. Students develop the critical insights, skills, and contacts needed to succeed upon graduation. Political Science in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences offers an innovative curriculum that emphasizes multiple perspectives in local, national, and international political life.

This diverse discipline focuses on a range of issues and concepts, including: conflict, justice, rights, distribution of power, voter choice, political campaigns, political leadership, social movements, the functioning of political institutions, and decision making. Students study how to research and address major challenges such as racial injustice, gender violence, war and conflict, poverty and inequality, the climate crisis, ideological conflicts, democratization, and globalization.

Learning That Inspires Your Intellect

BA in Political Science

Students of political science learn that they are engaged in a living discipline that extends far beyond classroom walls. Through exposure not only to political theory and concepts - but to practical experiences and internships, interaction with real policy-makers, and primary sources of international news and information - students develop the critical insights, skills, and contacts needed to succeed in the real-world.

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Students can participate in Dyson’s top–ranking Model United Nations program, where they are part of a team dedicated to learning how to create peace, justice, and security in the world. The experience simulates the United Nations, where students take on the role of countries, observers, and nongovernmental organizations to debate the most important issues facing the globe and acquire the skills of diplomacy, consensus –building, analysis and policy writing.


If you enroll in a combined degree program, you can earn both your undergraduate and graduate degrees in five to six years, saving a year of full-time study.

BA in Political Science / Master of Public Administration
With an MPA, you will graduate prepared for leadership and management positions in government, health care, and nonprofit organizations.

BA in Political Science / JD in Law
Applicants to the JD program apply during their junior year to begin their law classes in their senior year. You must have a minimum high school grade point average of 85 and a minimum combined mathematics and critical reading SAT score of 1100. You will also be required to take the LSAT and achieve a score of at least 155. Students who do not meet the initial requirements may still apply for consideration after their first year of academic study at Pace University, provided they maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better.

Dyson's Innovative Scholarly Faculty

The faculty of the department includes nationally and internationally recognized scholars, who are also engaging teachers, whether in the classroom or online. Their scholarship is evidenced by their numerous books, monographs, and articles published in journals, newspapers, and periodicals intended for general audiences. The department’s faculty members also present their research at international, national and regional conferences.

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Whether it is through internships here in New York City or in Washington D.C., or through our award-winning Model United Nations team, our department utilizes every intellectual and institutional avenue at our fingertips to provide students with practical, experiential learning opportunities.

Career Opportunities

Many of our graduates have gone on to graduate or law school to attain careers in higher education, education, non-profit organizations, law, government agencies, multi-national corporations and financial institutions.