The Parent-Child Institute (PCI)

Parent-Child Institute at Pace University-New York City

The Parent-Child Institute (PCI) at Pace University-New York City is an academic research institute located in lower Manhattan. The PCI has the goals of fostering research, providing advanced students with research experiences, offering presentations to academic and community organizations, and disseminating research findings.

Current PCI research activities include the comparison of parent assessment measurements in terms of psychometric qualities, development of normative data regarding Mowder’s parent assessment instruments, and the examination of child development outcomes in the context of parenting behaviors. Further, parenting is being considered in conjunction with issues such as global mental health, nutrition/obesity, and violence prevention. Current student doctoral research projects include issues such as late adolescents’ views of the importance of parenting behaviors, multicultural/diversity parenting issues, and parenting and young children’s screen-time on tablet and other electronic devices.  The anticipation is for grant funding for parenting and child developmental research.

For more information regarding the PCI, associated research, and/or joining the PCI research team, please contact Barbara Mowder at