BA in Personality and Social Psychology

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A degree in psychology is excellent preparation for a variety of careers including counseling, education, health care, law, management, research, and sports psychology. As a student in the Psychology department at Pace University’s Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, you will have opportunities to utilize and develop your analytical and problem solving skills. Whether you want to help children and adults lead happier and more productive lives, or plan to apply your knowledge of human behavior in a business setting, Pace provides you with the real-world, practical skills you need to prepare for a fulfilling and successful career.

Learning That Inspires Your Intellect

BA in Personality and Social Psychology

If you are interested in such issues as human motivation, the importance of rela­tionships in human functioning, and industrial/organizational psychology, then this major is suited to your needs. This is an innovative and exciting major that is interdis­ciplinary and will prepare you for graduate school and a variety of careers including law, sport psychology, health psychology, and industrial/organizational psychology.

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Dyson's Innovative Scholarly Faculty

Our faculty is committed to excellence in teaching and mentoring. In support of these aims, its members are engaged ac­tively in research, scholarship, practice, and consultation. They include experts in child development, cultural diversity, women’s issues, school and community psychology, social behavior, cognitive psychology, clinical practice, experimen­tal and applied research, industrial/orga­nizational psychology, and counseling.

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Business Insider recognized Pace as providing first-rate integrated learning opportunities, where students “gain hands-on experience in their fields through internships, practicums, and fieldwork."