Combined Degree Programs

Once undergraduates qualify on the basis of their GPA and other requirements, they have the option of completing both their B.A. and M.S. in counseling together. Students may enter this program in the middle of their junior year. In their senior year, students may take four graduate courses that will also apply toward the counseling. This is a great way to get a start on your career. Our outstanding graduate-level counselor-training program has produced many of the leaders in the field of substance abuse counseling in Westchester and nationwide.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and and from almost every continent. Our graduate faculty teaches solid practical skills that you will be able in a variety of clinical settings.

We offer other tracks in the Master’s program: loss & grief counseling and general counseling. If you should decide to continue studies toward a doctorate, this is an excellent way to begin.

Advisement throughout the M.S. in Counseling Program

The following are the steps in the advisement process in the M.S. program.



Each student receives a letter of acceptance into the program from the Graduate Admissions Committee.



The Program Director assigns a Faculty Advisor to each student. Each student receives a letter notifying him or her of who the advisor is. Advisors are full-time faculty teaching in the graduate program.



Each student meets with his/her advisor to develop an Individualized Program Outline (IPO).



All students attend a group orientation meeting with the graduate Faculty Advisors scheduled in the first or second week of every semester.


At this group meeting:

*New students are offered information about the facilities on campus.
*Current internship opportunities are presented and discussed.
*Students discuss with faculty (and each other) any questions they may have regarding the program.



Each student meets with his/her advisor in the second half of every semester after the printed class schedule is distributed.


At this meeting:

*Each student’s progress on the IPO is reviewed.
*The next semester’s courses are chosen.
*Adjustments to the student’s program discussed.



All students attend a colloquium with the Chairperson of the psychology department and the Program Director. This occurs at the end of every semester.


At this meeting:

*Students can discuss any issues that may have arisen.



Each student also meets with his/her advisor at the start of the semester in which he/she intends to graduate.


At this meeting:

*The IPO is reviewed to make certain that the requirements for graduation will be completed in that semester.