The Department of Public Administration conducts various conferences on Health Care issues. The following is a sample of the conferences offered.

Health Care Program

Since 1996, the Center for Health Care Policy Education and Research under the Department of Public Administration has sponsored conferences on key issues in the health care field. These half-day programs are presented in a format of three to five speakers with individual presentations and a panel discussion, followed by ample time for audience Q&A. Networking opportunities with leaders in the health care field who address and attend these conferences are facilitated by the format, which includes a continental breakfast before the program.

Attendance at these conferences has ranged from 50 to 200, depending on the topic. Registrants include executives from hospitals, health care networks, clinics, managed care and insurance organizations, nursing homes, hospice and home care agencies, consulting firms, health professional organizations, community and health advocacy groups and academic institutions from all over the region, as well as municipal, county and state officials. Evaluations of the conferences concerning the quality of the speakers and the program topics have been uniformly high. Attendance is free for students and provides excellent networking opportunities.

Recent Conference Topics:

  • Envisioning the Future of Health Care in the Face of Economic Crisis
  • Rebalancing the Competitive Forces in Healthcare: How Has Consolidation in the Insurance Industry Affected the Consumer, Providers and Employers?
  • How Will Proposed Medicaid Cuts and the Governor's Health Care Reform Working Group Affect the Local Health Care System?
  • Health Care Landscape: Perspectives
  • U.S. Health Policy: Priorities and Realities