Master of Public Administration Student Association (MPASA)

As Pace University MPA program graduates, we strive to receive the highest quality education that will broaden our career opportunities and provide us with competitive advantages as we seek to establish ourselves as professionals in the practical, challenging, and evolving field of public administration.”


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About Master of Public Administration Student Association (MPASA)

Public administration is an integrative, collaborative field that brings together multiple disciplines to meet public needs through a complex array of public, nonprofit, and private sector organizations. Consequently, those individuals who select to move into this dynamic environment must develop advanced knowledge and skills that will enable them to facilitate meaningful relationships. These relationships will help maximize tools of government to achieve public policies.

Through organized social and community service events, the MPASA seeks to help students in the government, health care, and nonprofit specializations forge meaningful and long-term relationships with professionals already practicing in those fields. These relationships will forge a community of engaged young professionals through a new network at the White Plains Graduate Center that uses technology and social media along with face-to-face social events to facilitate this sense of modern community.

The MPASA creates new opportunities for students to strengthen their leadership, enhance their current professional networks, build civic engagement, and create community with each other, faculty, staff, and senior public managers and officials. The MPASA provides career-related information, tools, and events in the NYC, Westchester and surrounding areas for students, recent graduates, and new and mid-career professionals. Members have a “Common Hour” meeting every month; which serves as an informal gathering place. This “Common Hour” provides opportunities to discuss many of the activities available to members, to share scholastic and professional issues, as well as to share industry news and concerns.

The Association actively recruits members, works to increase its visibility, and to develop strategic partnerships with Pace University Alumni, other Pace organizations, schools and students. The Master of Public Administration Student Association promotes civic engagement and responsibility along with character development among graduates, faculty, staff, and public administrators through joint community service experiences and by engaging in thoughtful discourse with public affairs professionals from a variety of disciplines, and especially members of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA).

Purpose of the Organization

The purpose of the Organization is to create activities and events for MPA students with the objectives including but not limited to enhance knowledge, expand competitive strength, broaden networking opportunities, and improve academic, professional, and social programming experiences in the challenging and evolving field of public administration.

The Organization shall operate as a network alliance for MPA students, faculty, administrators, alumni and industry professionals.