Alumni Testimonials

A Masters program can be more than just a degree. It can be a community. In the Pace M.S. in Publishing program, professors, students, and staff come together to prepare the next generation of publishing professionals. Through rigorous learning, numerous opportunities for networking, and internship and special programs, the M.S. in Publishing trains students for careers in publishing in a way that no other experience can.

When I first heard of the program, I was surprised that such a thing existed. It seemed like it must be the best kept secret in the publishing world. It stood to reason that anyone with such a degree would have a significant leg up on the competition. Most of the aspiring editors, graphic artists, and writers I spoke to thought that it sounded like a great opportunity. With that in mind, I looked into the program. I wasn’t having any luck in my job search, so I figured that this degree would make me a much better candidate for editorial positions. As it turns out, I was right.

It didn’t take long for my circumstances to improve. Within three months of enrolling in the program, I got my first real job in the publishing industry, an editorial position at Pearson, one of the largest publishers in the world. My manager at Pearson said that she was extremely impressed that I was enrolled in the M.S. in Publishing program and that it was a contributing factor in why I was hired.

Throughout my time at Pace, I’ve made numerous connections and contacts. I’ve learned things I never would have learned on the job about marketing, finance, production, printing, and magazines. There is no substitute for work experience, but the M.S. in Publishing program teaches students to be well rounded publishing professionals who can have careers in many aspects of publishing. No single job in publishing can teach all of this knowledge and or all of these skills. I feel I am prepared to take on any challenge that awaits me in the coming years.

Ultimately, as with any degree, a student enrolled in the program gets out of the degree what he or she puts into it. All of the tools, curricular planning, opportunities, have already been laid out. As a prospective student, you must seize the chance to quicken your career and consider the Pace M.S. in Publishing program. I don’t think I would be in the position I am if it weren’t for this wonderful community and all that it offers.

— Eytan Bernstein

The MS in Publishing program at Pace gives a good overview of the industry as a whole with the core courses offered. Students also have the ability to focus their course plan around the various areas that they are interested in pursuing in this industry. However, as with any program of study, they will only get as much out of their time at Pace as they put into it.

I have to say that the people I met and the professional connections I have made through the program were the best part of my time in the Pace publishing program. I have made many friendships that I hope to continue to maintain throughout my professional career. I learned the most from the various classes taught by Professor Soares and view them as the most valuable. Her years in the industry in a variety of companies and the various speakers she invited into her classes gave me insights into the various aspects of this industry. In fact, one of the speakers she invited into her General Interest Books class showed me that I was really interested in working on the agency side of the industry, as opposed to working for a publisher.

As a student who entered the program without a position in publishing, I was required to do an internship. I was lucky enough to secure a position with the agency I am currently working for. In my time as the intern I was able to participate in the everyday running of the agency and to learn about this industry by actively participating in conversations and the various activities that take place. Additionally, it turned into a full time position for me and I have been happily employed here for almost two years. While this may not be true for everyone in the program, I can safely say that I would not be in my current position without my internship opportunity.

I plan to use my degree from Pace to continue to develop my professional relationships, both with my classmates and other people I have met through the program. Additionally, I am contemplating going back to school for a law degree, specializing in Intellectual Property, which would pair nicely with the Master’s in Publishing I received from Pace.

— Tara Hart ’10, Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency, Inc. – Contracts and Permissions Manager

Sydney Jarrard
— Sydney Jarrard ’08, MS in Publishing, NYC

“Entering the program, I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go in publishing. The classes helped me understand the industry as a whole and each of its parts, but the internships gave me the hands-on experience and put the things I had learned in class to use. I completed three internships while working on my publishing degree at Pace and I found each of the internships through the internship program at Pace. My classes at Pace covered everything from editorial to marketing to finance to production, and I went into each internship both very confident and very well prepared, and came out of them even more knowledgeable about how publishing companies work and the responsibilities of each department. In the end, I discovered that I loved working in the publicity department and with trade books (both adult and children’s), and I plan on pursuing a career as a publicist for a trade book publisher. Pace really prepared me for my career; my professors introduced me to all the right people, helped me establish all kinds of connections in the industry, and provided support for the avenues I decided to explore. I'm extremely happy with the degree I am earning and with the experience I had as a student at Pace.”