Women's and Gender Studies

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      Nancy Reagin
      Nancy Reagin, PhD
Women’s and Gender Studies
Department Chair

Welcome to the Women’s and Gender Studies Department on the Pace University New York City campus.

What is Women’s and Gender Studies?

This academic discipline emphasizes the importance of women’s experience and gender while including other categories of analysis such as race, class, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, nation, and age. Women’s and Gender Studies also includes the study of men and masculinities, and of ways in which gender is a constantly changing category that influences law, social policies, popular culture, and private life. Examining history, literature, sociology, psychology, and other subjects, this discipline seeks to understand gender roles in past and contemporary societies, gendered power structures, and the representation of women and men in the arts and humanities.

Our major is interdisciplinary, so students can easily double major by designing an individualized curriculum that combines courses from a more traditional arts and sciences major. Students who major, double major, or minor in Women’s and Gender Studies develop a deeper understanding of gender issues and gain a new perspective on their work in such disciplines as law, education, nursing, business, economics, the sciences, and the humanities.

Women’s and Gender Studies at Pace

Our major also offers an internship seminar for juniors and seniors, which places students in internships that help to build their professional skills and resumes.  In recent years, we’ve placed students as interns at Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women, the New York Women’s Foundation, and the National Council for Research on Women, among others.  We have a working relationship with a variety of non-profits that advocate on women’s and girls’ rights issues, as well as issues of concern to the LGBTQ community. In Feb. 2011 we hosted a series of workshops and panels for the Working Group on Girls, a set of NGOs affiliated with the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women, which brought hundreds of women and girls from all over the world to Pace. We have also collaborated with the National Organization for Women in working on policies that address sexual assault, and hosted an debate on women’s issues between the NYC mayoral candidates in 2013.  We offer courses in collaboration with Dyson’s Public Administration program to prepare students for careers in the non-profit sector (courses in grant writing, non-profit management, etc.) working for organizations that serve women, children, and the LGBTQ community.

We also offer a cutting – edge Queer Studies minor, which examines LGBTQ topics, history, public policy issues, and culture.  Our Queer Studies minor is organized around the insight that sexuality is at the center of the human experience, from the formation of the individual to the organization of diverse societies.  These courses examine the significance of same-sex desire or cross-gender identification throughout history, and across cultures.

Our faculty includes distinguished scholars and authors who have made important contributions to the study of gender, and sexuality; they are prolific scholars who have published on many topics, and sometimes include our students in their research and publications. Several of our alumni have earned prestigious Fulbright and Watson Fellowships.

For more information contact:

Nancy Reagin, PhD
Women’s and Gender Studies Department Chair
New York City Campus
(212) 346-1723