Internship Opportunities

  • The Door:
    The organization is an youth center that provides educational, legal, career development services, health programs, counseling programs, and other activities. The student who did service there did intake interviews, wrote interview summaries outlining the young person's goals and needs, and made follow-up phone calls. 62% of the youth involved in the center are female.
  • Hamilton-Madison Settlement House, Women Talk:
    A program that helps immigrant families, mostly Asian, develop their life outside of Chinatown. The program focuses on job skills, language education, and recreational activities.
  • Hamilton-Madison Settlement House, Two-Bridges Program:
    This is an after school program for children living in the Two-Bridges Tower of the settlement house. The student who volunteered there worked with kids on homework and activities.
  • Hamilton-Madison Settlement House, Retirement Community:
    A retirement community for senior citizens that focuses on recreation and lifestyles.
  • Project Reach Youth, Homework Help Program:
    This is an afterschool program for children, age ranges from 5-7 years.
  • Sanctuaries for Families, Courtroom Advocates Project:
    This project provides aid to women who have applied for orders of protection. It trains law student volunteers to accompany women to court. One student who volunteered there did intake interviews and another worked in the day care center, helping to look after children while their mothers were in court or with legal aides.
  • Liberty Partnership Program:
    This is an afterschool program. The student who volunteered there was the advisor for a newly formed club for high school girls. Other students did service with City Harvest, the Salvation Army, and a senior citizens' center. One of them was a translator for elderly Russians, one logged in "unofficial" hours as a courtroom advocate for battered women.
  • Women’s Press Collective:
    An organization that helps not-for-profits get their message out. A great opportunity for writers.
  • Arab-American Family Support Center:
    A group that services Arab-American women and their children. Volunteers often tutor. This is a great place to learn about Arab cultural issues.
  • Literacy Partners:
    A project that works directly with immigrants, helping them speak English.
  • Body Positives:
    A program that helps women with HIV/AIDS health issues.
  • Children’s Hope Foundation:
    An organization providing services to children with HIV/AIDS.
  • Police Athletic League:
    An organization dedicated to outreach for adolescents.