Emily Welty is the Director of the Peace and Justice Studies Program on the New York City campus. She is co-author of Unity in Diversity: Interfaith Dialogue in the Middle East. Dr. Welty has worked in a variety of cross-cultural and politically unstable contexts including Israel/Palestine, Northern Ireland, Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya and Sudan. Her research specialty is in the religious dimensions of conflict and peacemaking and faith-based humanitarian and international aid agencies.

Ida Dupont was the director of the Women in Prison Project at the New York Correctional Association of NY where she advocated on behalf of women prisoners and monitored prison conditions throughout New York State. Professor Dupont also has several years of experience working in court-mandated programs with people convicted of domestic violence and facilitated violence-prevention programs for teens in New York City schools for STEPS to End Family Violence. She has organized several workshops and seminars on non-violent communication and restorative practices. Her research interests are dating violence and violence against women, particularly the help-seeking behaviors of battered women.

Meghana Nayak teaches classes on international law and human rights, gender and politics, and international advocacy politics. Her research  interests are gender-based violence and persecution, postcolonial  perspectives and international hierarchy, immigration, and social movements.  She has worked on global projects focused on increasing access by marginalized communities to education and mentorship. In the U.S., she has worked on the prevention of child abuse and dating violence among teenagersand college students.

PJS-NYC Faculty Advisory Board: Robert Chapman (Environmental Studies), Amy Foerster (Sociology), Susan Herman (Criminal Justice and Security Department), Chris Malone (Political Science), Bill Offutt (History), Yvonne Rafferty (Psychology), Nancy Reagin (WGS) and Ilan Safit (Philosophy and Religious Studies).