Student Activities and Resources

Scholarships for WGS Minors

  • The WGS Scholarship for Best First-Year Students
    Offered by Dyson Dean’s Office every year
    It’s a continuing scholarship (about $1000 per year) that the student will receive each year until s/he graduates.
  • Marilyn Thornton Williams Memorial Prize
    Awarded annually to the best graduating WGS minors (at least two students)
  • Gloria Steinem Prize
    This is an award for Feminist Scholarship sponsored by the renowned feminist Gloria Steinem. A cash award of varying levels to ten students who had been in WGS courses. To win this award, students were nominated by their professors for an awarded essay or piece of prose that dealt with gender.

Women’s Resource Center
Open to All Students, Staff, and Faculty, Room 1501, 15TH Floor, 41 Park Row
The Women’s Studies Resource Center offers a growing selection of books, magazines, and current news stories, but it offers something even more valuable - space. Students can meet for organizations like the Women’s Network or The Stonewall Coalition, to study, or just to talk with each other. It also has bulletin boards with current women’s issues posted, a microwave, and FREE condoms. We subscribe to magazines like MS, On The Issues, Out, Self and newspapers like The Women’s Review of Books and Brooklyn Woman. For further information such as hours, contact the Women’s Studies Program: 212-346-1723.

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