Corporate and Foundation Support

Support from our corporate and foundation partners provides crucial funding for scholarships, faculty research, capital projects, and programming across the University. The following are recent examples corporation and foundation philanthropy at Dyson.

  • Imagination Institute: Assistant Professor Baptiste Barbot received $198,695 for his study, “Measurement and Development of Narrative Imagination,” which will generate scientific information in order to clarify the construct of imagination and its measurement for the purpose of advancing an understanding of the human mind and its role in the optimization of human potential.
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Professor Nigel Yarlett received $198,423 to advance current research methods for cultures at Dyson College’s Haskin Laboratories.
  • Russell Sage Foundation: Assistant Professor Andrea Voyer received $149,000 for her study, “The Etiquette of Inequality in Democratic Spaces,” to research how social inequality persists despite all efforts to remove explicit barriers to the equality of opportunity.

  • The Watson Foundation: With nearly 3,000 Watson Fellows across the world, the foundation has established the Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship Institutional Partnership Endowment at Pace University with a $110,000 gift to strengthen the fellows presence and impact on campus.

  • The Friars Foundation: Since 2007, Pace University and the Friars Foundation have formed a special partnership through their Adopt-A- Scholar program. The Friars have generously again given a $45,000 scholarship which will be awarded over a three-year period to five students each year ensuring the next generation of performers and musical artists.

We invite corporations and foundations to invest in Pace University. If you would like to explore ways to collaborate please contact Amanda Schick, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at or call 212-346-1738.