Nature Center Community and Educational Programs

The Dyson College Nature Center is a renowned center of environmental practice and education for the Hudson Valley region. Our educational programs for schools and the community include:

Class Trips

The Nature Center has developed an excellent reputation for offering quality programs to schools coming on class trips. On selected weekday mornings, students from grades 1-12, come to learn about a variety of topics with the Nature Center’s assistant director and master falconer James Eyring. Topics include wildlife, birds of prey, woodland study, and livestock study. We also host special programs with high schools and host interns from local schools.

Community Service

The Dyson College Nature Center also takes an active role in the local community. The Nature Center’s director sits on several local environmental task forces and committees. In addition, many local families come to visit the animals and walk the nature trails on weekends. The Center also hosts environmental lectures and programs open to the outside community.


The Dyson College Nature Center provides internship opportunities for students within the university and from local high schools. Typically, several Pace students and high school students engage in detailed projects, ranging from environmental studies and field projects to animal studies. All interns work under the guidance of full-time Nature Center staff.

Academic Resources

Students from the university and local high schools utilize the Nature Center for guidance and research on environmental and ecological issues. It has its own small library with cataloged articles of current environmental issues. The Center makes excellent use of its proximity a variety of natural resources for field study, including nature trails, meadows, streams and a pond on campus. Within walking distance is Rockefeller State Park Preserve, with trails and habitat for many important species of wildlife and birds.

Please contact Angelo Spillo, Director of the Dyson College Nature Center, at 914-773-3789 or, for more information about external programming.