Signature Components

With raptor mews, animal barns, gardens and apiaries, the Dyson College Nature Center supports academic research and experiential learning, as well as programming for the campus and local community on the environment and sustainability:

The Nature Center Includes:


Hawk Barn, with spacious mews and accomodations for our resident birds of prey.


Raptor Display, special exhibit and enrichment space for our rescue raptors.


Animal barn, with stalls for the resident sheep, goats, heirloom chickens, pigs, and turkeys.


Rain Garden. Rain gardens are depressions containing specific types of plants that capture rainwater runoff from impervious surfaces, like roofs and parking lots. This allows runoff to slowly soak into the ground helping to prevent erosion, water pollution, and flooding. Rain gardens are biological systems that help to improve water quality and ensure that rainwater is readily available for neighboring plants.


Nature Trail. The Center features an extensive nature trail through a wooded section of campus. Currently work is being done to provide educational signage and plant identification labels.


Gardens, including a deer-resistant garden, a native species garden, and a butterfly / hummingbird garden, serve as an educational model and center for the community.


Bees / Beekeeping Apiary, a dedicated space to study, support, and cultivate this critical ecological linchpin species.