GreenPace Award

Background and Criteria

The GreenPace Award recognizes faculty, staff and students (individuals, units, departments and/or organizations) who develop innovative programs and services that assist Pace in meeting its commitment to sustainable practices. These practices can cover many aspects of sustainability including, but not limited to, energy and water; recycling and waste reduction; transportation; dining services; purchasing; green building and landscaping; and campus culture and academics.  In addition, any programs, research, course creation, or other initiatives that help Pace fulfill STARS credits are eligible for award nomination.  STARS (Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment & Rating System) is a comprehensive self-reporting tool, a program of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, which helps guide Pace to meeting its goals for sustainability university-wide.

Nominees must be part of the Pace community. They may be any individual, such as students, staff, faculty, or administrators, or be any department, organization, unit, or other non-individual entity at Pace.

Nomination Process
Please complete the online Nomination Form to make a nomination for a GreenPace Award. Upon review of the submission, a notification will be sent to the Review Committee, the nominator, and the nominee.  All entries will be reviewed and awards announced each Spring.

Congratulations to the 2017 Award Recipients!

From left: Angelo Spillo, Shoma Nath, Rowan Lanning

Rowan Lanning, Undergraduate Student, Environmental Studies and Science, New York City

Rowan Lanning has spearheaded the development of the new student-led environmental club, “Sustainability Network at Pace.” She has also been deeply involved in the Pace University Garden, stepping in to lead the planting and harvesting of last spring and last fall. She has coordinated with students in civic engagement classes to clean up the trash left in the garden area and the smoking section, as well as coordinating student volunteer days with Trees NYC, a nonprofit that focuses on the maintenance, sponsorship, and planting of street trees throughout the city. She has also been involved with CCARNY’s environmentally focused programs, including the everyday activism challenge where she went zero-waste and produced absolutely no landfill-based trash for the entire month of April! Rowan’s efforts are enormously inspiring to both faculty and students, and she has many more ideas and initiatives that will surely lead Pace on a greener path.”

Shoma Nath, Undergraduate Student, Lubin School of Business, New York City

“As a top student in my Civic Engagement course “Social responsibility and the world of nature”, Shoma Nath has taken a leadership role, inspiring other students through her environmental activism on and off campus. She was nominated to be a Student Leader In Service for CCAR, and currently helps run events with Earth Matter, a compost farm on Governors Island. In addition, she has volunteered with the Pace community garden, and has been initiating discussions to bring composting to the garden. She is a founding member of Pace’s new environmental club, and has also been to the dining hall board meetings in order to voice concerns about the use of plastic and paper in the cafeteria. Finally, Shoma is a candidate for Sophomore Class VP, which she hopes will give her more of a voice to push Pace to becoming a more sustainable campus.”

Angelo Spillo, Director, Dyson College Nature Center, Dyson College Institute for Sustainability and the Environment, Pleasantville

“For the past 35+ years, Angelo has devoted his time and energy, both inside the classroom and out, to issues surrounding sustainability and environmental education at Pace University.  He is an innovator who has developed and taught numerous programs and initiatives that have made a positive environmental impact.  Angelo’s continuing objective is, and has always been, to help Pace develop into a more sustainable university while continuing to raise awareness of environmental issues both within the Pace community and beyond.”


Congratulations to the 2016 Award Recipients!

From left: William McGrath, Ashley Kuenneke, Frank Lione, Jessica Alba, Angelo Spillo (award presenter, Director, Dyson College Nature Center), Marie Newman (not shown)

Jessica Alba, Student, Environmental Studies, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Pleasantville Campus
“As an Environmental Science major [Jessica] is dedicated to making the Pace campus more sustainable.  For her senior research project she developed a presentation for LEED education credit on the sustainability of campus facilities.  She is also assisting a professor in creating a new environmental education course by researching effective environmental education methodologies and practices. ... Jessica is a member of the campus club, Natural Activists Teaching an Understanding and Respect for the Environment, in which she leads and moderates discussions about environmental issues on campus. ...”

Ashley Kuenneke, Program Coordinator, Center for Community Action and Research, New York City Campus
“Since coming to the CCAR Ashley has worked to focus much of the CCAR's programming on issues of sustainability. Ashley helped organize the Pace student contingent heading to the Peoples Climate March, integrated the issue of climate change into our Alternative Spring Break program, held discussions examining global warming as a human rights issue, on our food as an issue of sustainability, and more. Ashley has also been a driving force, along with OMA, to maintain University support of the Pace Vegetable Garden; to create social media campaigns each Earth Month to increase awareness and encourage students to live more sustainable lives, and more.”

Frank Leone, Volunteer, Dyson Nature Center, Dyson College Institute for Sustainability and the Environment, Pleasantville Campus
“Frank “Cheech” Leone has been a faithful volunteer of the Dyson Nature Center for the past two years. ... Frank has been involved in a number of projects that have moved the University in a more sustainable direction by enhancing the flora and fauna on campus.  Last year he helped construct and hang 50 bird houses around campus in an effort in part to encourage Eastern Bluebirds to return.  He helped design and plant our hummingbird butterfly garden which adds an aesthetic quality while providing resources for insects and birds.  He has done an extensive amount of vine cutting to free some of the exceptional trees on campus and has also has helped clear and construct our new nature trail which will provide access for the University community and our neighbors.  All of these projects were completed because of his interest in preserving our natural environment and his willingness to give back.”
William McGrath, Sr. Vice President COO, Westchester Campuses
“William "Bill" McGrath has been a staunch supporter of the environment during the execution of the Pleasantville Master Plan. He has insisted on "Green" design and construction principles throughout the project and LEED registration where practical. Bill was pivotal in creating the new Environmental Center as well as the construction of the new Farmhouse and the Marty McGuire Museum. His vision for a "Walking Campus" has reduced traffic as well as the associated emissions on campus. Finally, Bill supports and empowers his entire staff to be "Green".

Marie Newman, Director of the Pace Law Library, Professor of Law, Law School Campus
The Bottles for Books recycling initiative was started in the Summer of 2014 by Taryn Rucinski (Law ‘10), Environmental Librarian at the Law School, to convert an abundance of recyclable bottles at the Law Library into money for the Nicholas Triffin Environmental Law Research Fund. The Triffin Fund was created to honor the memory of Professor Nicholas Triffin, Pace Law Library Director, 1984-1998, who originally developed the Environmental Law collection.  All funds donated to the Triffin Fund are used to enhance the Law Library’s already extensive collection of environmental law research materials.   When Taryn left Pace for a job as the Branch Librarian for the U.S Courts Library, Second Circuit in October 2014, Professor Marie Newman, Director of the Pace Law Library, took over responsibility for the recycling project. Since August 2014, Marie has recycled enough bottles and cans to raise approximately $500 dollars for the Triffin Fund.


Congratulations to the 2015 Award Recipients!

From left: Richard Miller, Haylei Peart, Chelsea Dow, Anthony Morgan-Jones

Richard MillerAssistant Director, Instructional Technology, Dyson Dean’s Office, Briarcliff/Pleasantville  Campus
Richard Miller III has revolutionized processing and tracking paper-based forms in Dyson College by creating a highly reliable paperless process that routes electronic forms to all the key signatories, tracks the progress of each form through the work-flow process, and records when the form has been fully signed and submitted.  He and his colleagues have trained Dyson chairs, faculty, advisors and staff to use ECHOSign for numerous academic forms, and he presented ECHOSign’s capabilities to Deans’ Council, paving the way for a University-wide license to expand the paperless environment across Pace.

Haylei Peart, Student, Environmental Studies/Pre-Law, Pleasantville Campus
Haylei Peart has contributed to the sustainability of the campus in a number of ways.  First, she develop the idea of an EcoRep program for the Pace dorms, which will be implemented next year.  She has also designed a dorm competition on energy saving for the new dorms, which are designed to be able to measure how students save energy.  In addition, she served on the Environmental Studies Search Committee, which read applications and met to invite potential job candidates to interview in the Department.  She was an excellent contributor to that committee.  Everyone who has worked with Haylei on these projects agree that she is both motivated and imaginative in her sustainability work.

Chelsea Dow, Student and Student Assistant, Environmental Studies, NYC Campus 
Chelsea Dow is an exemplar in the field of environmental studies. This semester, she applied to create a new internship program on the NYC campus for urban students to commute to the environmental center in Pleasantville. Her application was approved, and she has been commuting regularly to utilize one on one training with the environmental staff in regards to agriculture and farming. Not only has she created this new internship for Pace University, but she has held multiple internships working for urban farming centers, particularly rooftop farming, which accommodates for a lack of land space in urban areas by growing crops on rooftops. She is truly an example of an individual who embodies her philosophy.

Anthony Morgan-Jones, Student/ President of NATURE Club, Environmental Studies Major, Pleasantville Campus
Anthony has brought NATURE Club back from a dormant status to a recognized and full-voting status campus organization in only a few short weeks. He knew that there would be challenges in reinventing NATURE's image at Pace, yet he never showed any signs of relenting. The club now has a steady set of members, a mission, and a list of programs for this semester and the next. The reason Anthony was able to do so much in a short amount of time is because he truely cares about the environment and encourages his fellow students to do the same. With NATURE up and running, it is now possible to reach the Pace community and present them with the benefits of environmental stewardship. The students once again have a creative outlet where they can voice their opinions on the natural world while standing up for what they believe in. Discussions on enviromental issues, programs that get people outdoors, and student leadership are only the beginning.

Congratulations to the 2014 Award Recipients!

From left: Alice Pidgeon, Virginia MacDougall, Angelo Spillo, Angelique Rivard (accepting on behalf of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund)

Pace Environmental Law Society 2013-2014, Law School, Student Organization
The Pace Environmental Law Society’s (ELS) mission is to expose students to the environmental offerings of the Pace community, to create awareness of environmental issues, and to generate involvement in local environmental activities.  In addition to hikes, movies, and panels discussions ELS has taken a leading role in trying to make physical sustainable changes to the law school campus. They have accomplished this in a variety of different ways including campus clean-up days (Spring 2013), construction and implementation of a new and improved organic garden located outside the cafeteria (Fall 2013), and the planning of a landscape improvement project designed to incorporate more sustainable native perennials (ongoing joint venture with Buildings and Grounds).  We believe, based on what ELS has done thus far, they represented what the Pace Green Award stands for—environmentally responsible sustainable activities that benefit the Pace community.

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund, Law School, Student Organization
The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund worked with law school and Chartwells staff to implement Meatless Mondays on the Law School campus. Meatless Mondays address climate change, animal welfare, and human health. They feature a vegan meal as the special of the day. SALDF also staffs informational tables on how decreasing meat consumption is one way to make our campus a more sustainable and healthy place.

Alice Pidgeon, Head of Technical Services, Law Library, Law School
Alice Pidgeon directs the Pace Law Library’s efforts to recycle unwanted books.  Since 2010, Alice has prepared shipments of books to go to the Better World Books Library Programs (  Her work saves many dated and unusable books from the dumpster and the landfill, saves Pace the cost of disposing of them, gets books into the hands of readers around the world, and generates good will for Pace.  A Library staff member picks up all of the books that the faculty discard and brings them to Alice.  She carefully reviews each book and decides whether it is a candidate for sale or for donation to Better World Books.  Since 2010, she has sent approximately 1,100 books to Better World Books.  She also works closely with textbook buyers who recycle discarded textbooks.  Managing the recycling of books is an important part of Alice’s job and reflects her personal philosophy.

Virginia MacDougall, Undergraduate Student, Environmental Studies
As a student in their third year of studies here at Pace, I have yet to meet an individual with as much passion and eagerness toward environmental education. She once told me that being an environmental educator was never a thought that crossed her mind until she came to Pace, and now she cannot seem to shake the inevitable. Our future, as a nation, relies on individuals like Miss MacDougall with the urge and intense aspiration to increase environmental wisdom and stewardship through education. Whether in or outside of a classroom, Ginger continually exudes enthusiasm for sharing her seemingly infinite knowledge of environmental philosophies and ideals with both her fellow students and staff. With her contagious enthusiasm and passion for the natural world, I believe that in the future, Miss MacDougall will both foster and provide powerful learning opportunities for learners of all ages.

Congratulations to the 2013 Award Recipients!

Front (left to right): Alireza Vaziri, Marley Bauce, Vinnie Birkenmeyer, John Tripodi, Ryan Shields, Joshua Schwartz, Donna Kowal, Susan Merritt.  Back: Angelo Spillo, Susan Maxam.  Not Shown: Brando Brandini and Claudia Green.

Marley Bauce, Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Dyson College (NYC)
“Professor Bauce is most deserving of this recognition for the following reasons: 1) for educating students about the environmental implications of diet, notably in connection to livestock production and consumption and the sustainable food economy; 2) for conducting applied research into the sustainability measures of the university's Dining Services program and the food demands of the community through Pace’s formal student-faculty research program; 3) for advising senior theses on the interrelationships between industrial food, animal ethics, and environmental change; and 4) for serving as a mentor to countless students on all of the above issues, and in the process, having a transformative impact on their lives, lifestyles, and personal philosophies.”

Vinnie Birkenmeyer, Residence Director, Residential Life (Pleasantville) and Martin Hall RAs
“Vinnie Birkenmeyer and his RA staff of resident assistants, especially John Tripodi and Kelly Schlegel - identified an area in the lobby of their residence hall (Martin Hall) and with limited resources, have created an inviting green space where plants and an aquarium are thriving! It also serves as a Resource Center where up-to-date literature on timely topics is made available to the residents. It has been tremendously successful. I am extremely proud of Vinnie, and his RAs.”

Brando Brandini, Undergraduate Student, Pleasantville
“I believe Brando Brandini deserves this award because ever since he was a freshman, he was an advocate for the environment. He is an active eboard member of the NATURE club. He advertises green options to the student body almost about every week. He is all about volunteerism and preserving the environment. He is also in favor of the 5 year plan, which will help Pace become a greener campus. Brando has made life choices, such a being a vegan and riding his bike instead of vehicles, to show that every little bit counts towards the environement. Brando countiues to fight for a greener campus and in all, a greener world.”

Claudia Green, Associate Professor of Management, Lubin School of Business (NYC)
“Since 2000, Dr. Claudia Green has been teaching Pace students in Lubin, Dyson and Seidenberg about the meaning of sustainability in MGT 347 International Management Field Study. For the past thirteen years, she has led over 400 Pace University students on a ten-day field experience course to Brazil to learn about environmental sustainability. Students actively participate in community-based projects on green mapping sustainable entrepreneurs in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest in Paraty and Ilha Grande, Brazil. Claudia Green also incorporates “green” initiatives and sustainability in all of her other business courses including: MGT 250 Management, MGT 308 Travel and Tourism Management, MGT 310 Safety and Security in Hospitality and Tourism and MGT 312 Event Planning. She has also been faculty advisor for Business Honor’s Students and Environmental Studies Honor’s Students who are doing research in the areas of sustainability and “green initiatives” in hospitality and tourism.”

Donna Kowal, Program Coordinator, Pace Adademy for Applied Environmental Studies
“Donna Kowal has for over 10 years been here at Pace working to improve our natural environment. Initially as an Environmental Studies major and now as a member of the Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies Donna has been involved in numerous Pace “green” initiatives. As Program Coordinator for the Academy Donna has been actively involved in several subcommittees dedicated to moving the University in a more sustainable direction. Leading by example Donna consistently ensures that Pace Academy's day-to–day operations are as environmentally friendly as possible as well as annual Environmental Consortium conferences, and all meetings. In 2009 Donna spearheaded and now manages the Pace Graduate Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility. She currently co-chairs the Purchasing Subcommittee and was instrumental in drafting the new purchasing policy that considers environmental impacts. A very capable user of technologies Donna maintains the Environmental Consortium Green Campus Virtual Resource Center and Pace's sustainability committee website. She also manages the data collection from section leaders for inputting into our Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS). There are countless other things that Donna does, but these few examples highlight some of the campus greening initiatives that make Donna such a worthy recipient of this award.”

Susan Merritt, Dean Emeritus, Seidenberg Computer Science, Graduate Center
“During Susan Merritt’s tenure, the Sisters of the Divine Compassion, sharing the Pace White Plains campus, have become a leading environmental steward in the White Plains community, Westchester and well beyond. The Sisters have chosen a priority to transform the Good Counsel Campus and all ministries at Good Counsel into an energy-efficient and environmentally responsible community. In partnership with Verizon, the Sisters of the Divine Compassion implemented the Verizon Sustainability Initiative a comprehensive program to reduce energy usage using the most up to date wireless energy management technology, installed rain gardens and bioswales to reduce rainwater run-off, and expanded Environmental Educations. To honor the 125th Anniversary and the enduring mission of the Sisters of the Divine Compassion, Dr. Merritt initiated a community dialogue about sustainability, stewardship and spirituality by hosting a half-day conference on environmental sustainability. Highlights of Accomplishments include: • A campus-wide sustainability assessment • Partnered with Con Edison to replace lights and ballast throughout campus • Rewiring and new switches for all gymnasium lights • Installation of blackout/thermo drapes for heat retention and light control • Upgrades to heating systems with monitoring and control systems • Verizon Sustainability Initiative • Presented Conference: Going Green: Balancing Act and Moral Imperative. • Creation of a rain water management and bio-retention system utilizing rain gardens and bioswales.”

Joshua Schwartz, Professor, Biology & Health Sciences, Dyson College (Pleasantville)
“Dr. Schwartz has provided on-going expertise and assistance to our many Green Pace ventures. He is a member of the CC&A- Sustainability Committee, he is involved in the 'no idling' CO emissions campaign, he is developing a web site that locates and explains our Pace flora and fauna and he has helped with several environmental science events like Environmental University Day.”

AliReza Vaziri, Management Major (NYC)
“I enthusiastically nominate AliReza Vaziri for the GreenPace Award for his leadership activities related to food consumption and environmentalism. AliReza currently serves as my student research assistant for a provost-funded project aimed at reducing meat consumption on campus in order to allay a range of environmental pressures, notably anthropogenic climate change. Specifically, his efforts include polling about and gaining public support for "green" campus activities; TAing for my course, ENV201 (Animals & Society); introducing the campus to the social and political dimensions of "dumpster diving"; and producing and directing a documentary film about food waste and homelessness.”

Congratulations to the 2012 Award Recipients!

(From left to right: Cheri Neal, Angelo Spillo (Chair of the Campus Culture and Academics Subcommittee of GreenPace), James Eyring, Larry Bridwell, Michelle Land. Not shown: Edward Morrison and Noushi Rahman).

Larry Bridwell, Professor, Management & Mgt Science
“Professor Bridwell recently published a collaborative piece with one of his student, Edward Morrison (who is also being nominated for a Green Pace Award). Professor Bridwell and Mr. Morrison undertook research examining a new perspective on CSR, one in which the focus was not on Corporate Social responsibility, but rather on CONSUMER Social Responsibility. The work of Professor Bridwell and Mr. Morrison deserves special recognition because it is a fine example of student-faculty collaboration as well as an outstanding example of the research opportunities available in the area of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The full text of the paper is available at”

James Eyring, Naturalist, Environmental Center
“James Eyring is a versatile and knowledgeable Naturalist. He is also a master teacher who uses animals and plants as a means of imparting important lessons about ecology, environmentalism, dedication, perseverance and bioethics. He is a great asset to Pace.”

Michelle Land, Director, Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies, Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies
“Michelle Land has coordinated many important projects that enhance Pace's reputation as an 'Environmental University'. She organizes the Environmental Consortium, Visiting Fellows Program, Sustainability Committee and the Environmental Gateway. She has also spear-headed the Pace effort to qualify for AASHE and NCSE. We are fortunate to share her expertise and enthusiasm.”

Edward Morrison, Student, Information Systems
“Mr. Morrison and Professor Larry Bridwell of the Lubin School of Business have recently published a collaborative paper in which they investigate a variation on the idea of CSR, where rather than emphasizing Corporate Social Responsibility, the emphasis is placed on Consumer Social Responsibility. This effort deserves recognition because it is an excellent example of student-professor collaboration as well as an example of the research opportunities available in the area of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (or consumer, as the case may be).”

Cheri Neal, Student, Environmental Studies (PLV)
“I believe that Cheri Neal deserves this award because she has completed many accomplishments during her years at pace that will hopefully help her fulfill her dream to be involved in environmental law. These accomplishments have been very helpful to the campus and the environment as a whole. Her accomplishments include but are not limited to; / Creating the herb garden on campus / Volunteering for Pace University and nearby farms / Participating in alternative spring break / Becoming senator of the Nature Club here on campus.”

“Cheri deserves this award because she is very passionate about environmental issues. She has been a part of the NATURE club on the Pleasantville campus and has volunteered to aid in various environmental issues, she is currently trying to get an internship with the ASPCA. Her dream is to pursue a career in environmental law in order to fight for the environment in hopes to help preserve this planet on which we live.”

Noushi Rahman, Professor, Management and Management Science NY
“Professor Noushi Rahman has a long-standing history of supporting sustainability initiatives at Pace University and has even helped to develop coursework in sustainability (‘Managing Environmental Responsibility’). In addition, Professor Rahman has been published on multiple occasions and in nationally recognized business journals writing on issues of sustainability. His more notable works in sustainability include: 1) Measurement Issues in Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (ECSR): Toward a Transparent, Reliable, and Construct Valid Instrument; 2) Diversity in the Composition of the Board of Directors and Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (ECSR); and 3) The Impact of Board Diversity and Gender Composition on Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Reputation. Professor Rahman’s work represents some of the highest quality research and publication in the area of sustainability. His work helps to improve Pace University’s reputation in this area of ever-increasing importance. Professor Rahman is most deserving of this award not only because of his past service to the Pace University, also because his work illustrates the critical role business will play in environmental management and social welfare.”

“Professor Noushi Rahman is a supporter of sustainability efforts within and outside of Pace and, I believe, is worthy of being considered for the GreenPace Award. To begin with, Professor Rahman has been an integral part of the River Semester program. He, along with Theresa Lant, proposed the Lubin-representative course titled 'Managing Environmental Responsibility'; this course eventually served as the shell within which all other School-representing courses were juxtaposed to end up with just one River Course (as opposed to a River Semester). In terms of research, Professor Rahman has written and published three scholarly papers this past year (two of which are in the Financial Times top 45 journals in business!): 1) Measurement Issues in Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (ECSR): Toward a Transparent, Reliable, and Construct Valid Instrument; 2) Diversity in the Composition of the Board of Directors and Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (ECSR); and 3) The Impact of Board Diversity and Gender Composition on Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Reputation. With regard to service, Professor Rahman has chaired the dissertation of Cathy McQuillen, whose doctoral research focused on renewable energy alliances on environmental responsibility ratings of firms. Professor Rahman’s activities have all substantially contributed to environmental sustainability at Pace and beyond!”

Congratulations to the 2011 Award Recipients!

Pace's GreenPace Sustainability Committee awarded four GreenPace Awards this past April.
Recipients were: The NYC Counseling Center (top right);  Bill Batina, University Energy Manager, Facilities Planning and Design (bottom right); Steve  Feyl, Associate University Librarian (bottom left) and Christina Blenkle (not shown), Electronic Resources Librarian, Mortola Library.

The Counseling Center (NYC)
“Among the Green Team's many activities, every year during the month of April, the team hosts the Extreme Green Challenge, by where the members compete against each other to become the "greenest" member of the Counseling Center for the month. The Green Team also practices composting, recycling, printing/copying double-sided pages, growing plants to improve air quality, and completing volunteer projects at a community garden in the Bronx.”

Bill Batina, University Energy Manager, Facilities Planning and Design
“Bill consistently demonstrates a contagious and energetic enthusiasm while working tirelessly on behalf of the University to save it money and help Pace become more sustainable. Bill has been instrumental in obtaining grants for energy conservation projects on all campuses. Bill’s student mentoring has resulted in the design of energy conservation projects that have provided students with meaningful learning experiences. Bill is truly an indispensible, highly appreciated asset to the Pace community!”

Steve  Feyl, Associate University Librarian, Mortola Library (PLV)
Christina Blenkle, Electronic Resources Librarian, Mortola Library (PLV)

“Steve coordinated the Mortola Library's Recycling Station effort. Christina Blenkle, Electronic Resources Librarian, was co-nominated for the GreenPace award for putting the Recycling Center together.  In addition to the traditional paper, glass and can recycling, bins in the library now receive batteries, plastic bags, PDAs/old cell phones, and newspapers. Both Christina and Steve value the environment and consistently lead the Mortola Library's efforts to be as "green" as we can be!”

Congratulations to the 2010 Award Recipients!

Pace's GreenPace Sustainability Committee awarded its first GreenPace Awards this past fall. Recipients were:

William Link, University Director of Physical Plant
"[Bill Link] has headed many green projects on Make a Difference Day, worked on installing recycling posters across campus, as well as making all garbage cans have a recycling bin next to it."

Sue Maxam, University Director for Student Success
"Sue [Maxam] is constantly searching for new ways to make our Division a "green" division. She gives her heart and soul to helping make Pace a greener place."

Robyn Mery, Environmental Studies Major
"[Robyn Mery] is one of the few environmentally conscious people I know who try to actually teach you the importance of treating our surroundings with care without dictating your decisions."


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