About the Writing Consultants

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Writing Consultants
Undergraduate and Graduate-student writing consultants come from a variety of disciplines--English of course, but also other fields in the humanities and social sciences such as Communications, Philosophy, Psychology, Education, and so forth. The variety of backgrounds and disciplines enables the writing center to meet the needs of a wide variety of students because writing consultants can share information with each other about discourse communities and technical requirements in their disciplines.

Writing Consultant Application Process
Obtaining a position as a writing consultant in the writing center is a highly selective process. Applications are accepted during the summer break, and positions are offered for the upcoming academic year. All decisions are made by mid to late June. Preference is given to sophomores, juniors, and first year graduate students (in a two-year program), but seniors and second-year graduate students are also encouraged to apply.

If interested, please submit the following to Michael Turner, Writing Center Coordinator. Your application must be in ONE .doc, .docx .rtf, or .pdf file (append documents to the file using page or section breaks). Applications in multiple files will be returned to the applicant.


Cover page stating

  • Your name
  • Your Pace U number
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your Phone number
  • Your college/school and major
  • Your year (i.e. sophomore, junior, grad, etc.)
  • Your expected date of graduation
  • Whether you have taken, or plan to take, English 302:  Composition Theory and Practice and English 201:  Writing in the Disciplines.


500-word statement of intent: Why do you want to work in the writing center? What attributes, strengths, and skills will you bring to the job? What do you hope to learn as a writing consultant?


Academic writing sample (an essay from a class)




Three telephone references


Your name and phone number both in the e-mail and in the body of the file.