Mission and Goals

Our Mission

The mission of the Pace University Writing Center, in Pleasantville, New York, following guidelines set forth by the International Writing Centers Association, is to serve as a resource to all members of the university community who are committed to the demanding but inspiring work of written communication.

Our Goals

The Pace University Writing Center, in Pleasantville:

  • serves the university as an inviting resource for all writers;
  • supports all writing programs within the university;
  • mentors writers by focusing on transferrable skills (e.g. the revision process, critical thinking, content development, research and source use, etc.);
  • contributes to students' successful progress toward graduation;
  • helps students understand and negotiate the university context of and expectations for college writing;
  • fosters and promote understanding and acceptance of diverse backgrounds, experiences, identities, and viewpoints;
  • trains and mentors graduate and undergraduate writing consultants who will be able to use their consultation experience to their advantage in future professional roles.