Meet the Dyson Advising Team

Heather Calchera, M.S., Assistant Dean of Advising
Campus: Pleasantville and New York City, Downtown
Phone: PLV: (914) 773-3781 / NYC: (212) 346-1518
AIM: HCalcheraDyson
Facebook: Search Heather Calchera in the Pace network.

About Heather
As the Assistant Dean of Advising, I oversee the Dyson Advising Offices on both the New York City and Pleasantville campuses. I work with a wonderful group of people who genuinely enjoy what they do for a living and go above and beyond to assist our students. This makes coming to work every day very easy. I love being part of a team of people that do their best to enhance the experience of our Pace students. Working in advising has proven to be a very rewarding experience for me. It's such an amazing feeling watching the graduating class walk across the stage at commencement, knowing that I may have made even the smallest impact on their time at Pace.

I started working in Dyson College as a student assistant back in 2002. I graduated from Pace in May of 2004 with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Masters of Science in Counseling, and was hired as an Academic Adviser in Pleasantville that June. As you can see, Pace and I have a long history. I currently teach PSY 391- Practicum in Psychology and have also taught UNV 101- Introduction to University Community in the past.

I really enjoyed my experience as a Pace undergraduate and graduate student, and feel that it really helps me to connect with our current student population. I love working with our students from the beginning of their college experience and guiding them through to the end. The enthusiasm of our students makes me so proud to be a part of the Pace community. I have the same excitement working with my Psychology students. Most of the students in the course are seniors and are enrolled in the internship course so that they can find their passion in the field. Ironically, I took this course as an undergraduate student while working in Dyson. By taking this course and working here, I found something that I love to do and hope I can help my students do the same.

I want students to know that we are here to help! Often times, students will say that they don't know who to talk to about a certain issue, but if they reach out to us, we're more than happy to assist or connect them with a staff or faculty member who can. It's so important that students connect with an advisor or mentor early in their academic career to ensure that they are getting the most out of their time at Pace.


Heather Calchera

Heather Calchera
Assistant Dean of Advising

Elizabeth A. Tesoriero, M.S., Senior Academic Adviser
Campus: Pleasantville and New York City, Downtown
Phone: (914) 773-3538
AIM: ETesoriero Dyson
Facebook: Search Elizabeth Tesoriero in the Pace network.

About Liz
I am pleased to be one of the Academic Advisers for Dyson College on the PLV campus! I began working at Pace full time in the Dyson Dean’s Office in August 2008 on the NYC Downtown campus.  Besides being an Academic Adviser at Pace, I also teach University 101- Introduction to University Community and Psychology 233 - Psychology of Civic Engagement.

I am an undergraduate (2001) and a graduate (2005) alumna of Pace University in Pleasantville, NY, so I am very familiar with the university and campus life! Anything you want to know about Pace, just ask me. While attending Pace, I was a Resident Assistant for two years and very involved in my sorority, Alpha Lambda Sigma, holding two Executive Board positions. I have also been their Staff & Alumni Advisor since 2008.

In my spare time I enjoy swimming, hot yoga/pilates, walking, reading, and spending time with my husband, Andrew (also a Pace grad!), my family, and my girlfriends. I am a big Giants and Yankees fan and was an athlete myself from the time I was 8 years old through high school playing basketball, softball, and on the swim team in the summer.
Bottom line: My door is always open. Any student who wants to come in and see me with any questions or concerns is always welcome.

I am available Monday-Friday from 9-5. I look forward to meeting you!


Elizabeth Tesoriero

Elizabeth A. Tesoriero
Academic Adviser

Ann Marie McGlynn, M.S.T., Academic Adviser
Campus: Pleasantville
Phone: (914) 773-3894

About Ann Marie
It’s such a pleasure to be part of the Dyson Advising Staff! Prior to joining the Dyson Team, I worked in Pace University’s Center for Academic Excellence (CAE). In the CAE, I served in several different roles which familiarized me with the academic support services available to help our students. After 3 years in the CAE, I am excited to work closely with, and get to know, our Dyson students!

My own academic career started as a Communication Studies student at SUNY Plattsburgh, where I was heavily involved, particularly in Greek Life. After graduating, I went on to a teaching assistantship at Central Michigan University where I completed graduate study in the Interpersonal and Public Communication department. Soon after returning from Michigan, I completed a M.S.T. degree from Pace University. As a whole, these experiences inspired me to work with students in higher education and led me to Dyson Advising. Now, as an Advisor, it’s important to me that I help students realize their potential, strive for excellence and get involved in their campus’ community to make the most of their college experiences.

Professionally, I’m a huge proponent of lifelong learning. Personally, I’ll be a student for life since I love meeting new people, learning new things and having new experiences. As a current student, it may be difficult to imagine continuing in school after graduation, but it’s a path which can lead you to down paths you would, otherwise, never explore!

When I’m not at Pace, I love to cook and bake. I’m also a huge NY Jets, Knicks and Mets fan (though I will play nice with my pro-Yankee colleagues).

Whatever kind of day a student is having, I hope they know they can walk into my office and know I’m here to support and guide them. I won’t always have the answers, but I will help them to find answers, and feel confident in the decisions they make.


Ann Marie McGlynn

Ann Marie McGlynn
Academic Adviser

Nicole Gilman, MSEd., Academic Adviser
Campus: New York City, Downtown
Phone: (212) 346-1104
AIM: NGilmanDyson

About Nicole
I am extremely enthusiastic to be the newest addition to an already phenomenal advising team! I look forward to meeting students as well as learning what Pace has to offer students, faculty, and the community as a whole.

In 2006 I graduated from SUNY Albany with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Psychology. This past May I received my Master’s in Counseling and Personnel from Fordham University.

I enjoy spending my free time with my family and friends, listening to music, traveling, and camping.

I believe in going above and beyond to assist students with any and all of their academic needs. My door is always open to any student in need of my assistance. Please feel free to come by or contact me whenever you have a question or concern.


Nicole Gilman

Nicole Gilman
Academic Adviser

Kathryn Olsen, M.S., Academic Adviser
Campus: New York City
Phone: 212-346-1120

About Katie
As an alumna of Pace, and now as an academic advisor at Dyson College, I look forward to helping students just like my advisors helped me! In this role, I will provide guidance to students on graduation requirements, major and course selection, and how to make the most of their time while studying at Pace.

I conducted my studies on Pace’s Pleasantville campus and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology and Human Relations with a Minor in Art and a Master of Science in Counseling in 2013.  As a student, I worked on campus, was involved in student activities and was an active member of Greek Life.  As a graduate student, I worked in the Dyson Advising Office and began developing my advising skills. My time at Pace transformed me into an independent, professional and intellectual person and it is my hope that all of our students will feel the same way.

When I’m not working, I enjoy going to the beach or a park, cooking/eating and hanging out with my adorable dog.

I came to Pace as an undecided major and, with the help of my advisors, I found my passion for advising.  Now I am here to help undergraduate Dyson students excel at Pace and beyond. Feel free to call, email or stop by the office so that we can help you with all things Dyson!


Kathryn Olsen

Kathryn Olsen
Academic Adviser