ACE (Asian American Culture Enthusiasts) House

ACE House

Faculty Don: Prof. Stephanie Hsu (English),

Asian American Culture Enthusiasts’ House or “ACE House” explores pan-Asian cultural influences on American culture and identity. ACE House celebrates fandom of all kinds with a special focus on global Asian pop culture, and we run our own annual anime/mange and gaming convention for college students.  We also connect Pace students with Asian American communities in New York City through cultural events and volunteering opportunities, including those that explore LGBTQ identities and experiences. Examples:

  • Group outings to sporting events, music concerts, community service events, and more
  • “Qirin con,” our annual student-run college con on anime and manga fan culture
  • Study-break screenings of K-drama, J-drama, Bollywood, and Asian New Wave cinema
  • Learning/celebrating traditional Asian holidays through ethnic food
  • Discussions on issues affecting Asia and Asian America, including LGBTQ rights, religious diversity, immigration, globalization, and more