Body and Mind (BAM) House - PLV

Faculty Don: Dr. Jane Collins, Department of English and Modern Language Studies,

Did you know that academic success has been linked to healthy bodies and healthy minds? Did you know that new research on happiness finds that experiences make us happier than things? Did you know that a healthy mind and healthy body can also contribute to the health of the planet? Balance your personal habits, sustain your emotional well-being, and you can change the world! The Pleasantville BAM House will focus on personal, physical, and emotional wellness. BAM House activities could include weekly yoga; cooking healthy community dinners; rock climbing or other outings that the House decides upon; creating a healthy mind-body connection through MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction); or using journaling to explore our inner landscapes. Our House activities will always be created with student input and organized to meet student needs.   Our aim is to form a vibrant community, where everyone’s ideas for wellness are celebrated and explored.

In addition to creating community, one of the essential ideas behind a “house” is to establish direct faculty-student connections.  The “house don” is a faculty member who works one-on-one with students to help them make the most of their college careers. Faculty Don Jane Collins is a professor of English and a published poet, who has spent many years practicing yoga and meditation and exploring the way positive experiences can create happiness and wellness. She is dedicated to helping students find academic success, balance and joy in their college lives.

If you are interested in being healthy and happy, in supporting your academic success with mind-body awareness and in having fun with like-minded individuals, then please join us!

Depending on the student input, we will have the opportunity to explore personal, emotional, and physical wellness through:

  • Coming together for group dinners, inspiring speakers, theater trips, or sporting events
  • Hosting exercise and relaxation events like yoga, Zumba, or hula hoop dancing
  • Learning and creating at group meetings dedicated to such topics as fresh foods, healthy snacks, meditation, natural arts and crafts, sexualwellness workshops, lotion making, healthy body image, creative expression and more
  • Laughing and exploring by attending comedy improv shows, singing karaoke, going bowling, putting on a movie night or hosting a musical performance in our residence hall common space
  • Eating vegan ice cream, organic dinners, healthy lunches
  • Living together in a floor of the Hillside House residence hall. Students living on that floor will be in BAM House and House activities will often take place in the residence hall common space.