Body and Mind (BAM) House - NYC

Body and Mind (BAM) House

Faculty Don: Prof. Emilie Zaslow (Communication Studies),

Did you know that academic success has been linked to healthy bodies and healthy minds? Did you know that new research on happiness finds that experiences make us happier than things? Did you know that a healthy mind and healthy body can also contribute to the health of the planet? Change your personal habits, sustain your emotional well-being, and you can also change the world. BAM House will not only focus on personal, physical, and emotional wellness but also on social change as related to health and wellness. BAM House activities include weekly yoga; community gardening; rock climbing; creating a health and wellness club; seminars about fresh food, vegetarianism, relaxation techniques, and cooking.

Explores personal, emotional, and physical wellness through:

  • Joining together for group dinners, inspiring speakers, theater trips, & sporting events
  • Exercise and relaxation (yoga, Zumba, hula hoop dancing)
  • Learning and creating (fresh foods, healthy snacks, meditation, natural arts and crafts, sexual wellness workshops, lotion making, healthy body image)
  • Laughing and exploring (comedy improv shows, karaoke, bowling, movie nights, museums, great music)
  • Eating (vegan ice cream, organic dinners, healthy lunches)