Foodies House - NYC

Faculty Don: Prof. Emilie Zaslow (Communication Studies),

182 Broadway—one floor set aside exclusively for those who choose Foodies House (includes kitchen facilities)

Did you know that new research on happiness finds that experiences make us happier than things? Explore new eating habits, sustain your emotional well-being, and you can also change the world. Join Foodies house and sample some of the New York City’s best food trucks, local flavors, and ethnic restaurants. We’ll build community as we go out for lunches and dinners, try new foods, cook together, go on food tours, and grab coffee in between classes. We’ll do a taste test to find our favorite New York City chocolates or donuts or pizza slices or gluten free bakeries or vegan sandwiches …the possibilities are endless. Foodies House will not only focus on delicious food but also on social change as related to food such as the politics of food production and distribution and feeding the hungry.  If you like to eat, and you care about food, this is the house for you! 

  • Eating (vegan ice cream, organic dinners, healthy lunches)