GO! (Great Outdoors) House - NYC

GO! House

Faculty Dons: Prof. Meghana Nayak (Political Science), manyak@pace.edu

Maria’s Tower—one floor set aside exclusively for those who choose GO! House
GO! (for Great Outdoors) gets you out of the high rises of Pace and Manhattan, and gets you active through adventures, exercise,, and exploring New York City:

  • ADVENTURES: Kayaking, biking, indoor rock climbing, hikes, Coney Island rides, membership in Appalachian Mountain club
  • HOLISTIC LIVING: eco-friendly lotions and aromatherapy; free meals at sustainable restaurants; sessions with yoga teachers and nutritionists;
    trips to farmers’ markets; cooking classes focused on healthy food options; fair trade coffee hour
  • NEW YORK CITY: walking tours, vintage shopping trips