Gotham House - NYC

Gotham House

Faculty Don: Prof. Charlotte Becket (Art),

Gotham House is to help students who are interested in taking full advantage of living and learning in one of the most fast-moving, exciting, diverse cities in the world. Students participating in Gotham House will explore multiple facets of what makes New York unique and exciting. This year Gotham house will focus on New York City is one of the cultural production capitals of the world.  Artists, designers, writers, musicians, and performers strive to re-examine culture, question norms, and break down clichés.  Gotham House is a place where creative-minded people can meet, exchange ideas, problem solve and soak up as much of the NYC art scene as possible. We will be attending exhibitions, performances, screenings and readings, as well as visiting artists in their studios and workspaces. Gotham House will focus on issues including; art and local communities, art and politics, censorship, sustainable and green design, as well as, work together to create and present our own creative work on campus.

Explores multiple facets of New York City life, including:

  • Artists Collective for artists, writers, performers of any kind, and art fans (you don’t have to be an art or theater major)
  • Going to galleries, openings, museums, film houses, plays, performances, concerts, readings
  • Connecting with local art communities, on campus and off, meeting artists in New York City
  • Art and politics: censorship, political activism, guerilla art
  • Learning about sustainable design: Better design is better for the earth
  • Making art, working together to make and present our own creative work