One World House - NYC

One World House

Faculty Don: Prof. Martin Marafioti (Modern Languages—Italian),

We are all from different cultures, and have different national origins, genders, sexual orientations, and political points of view. But in this House, we are all ONE. In the One World House, we will take advantage of the incredible cultural diversity of New York City by exploring a wide variety of cultural traditions and values by enjoying the food, music, film, theatre, dance, art, design, and politics from around the world. We will:

Explores the diverse cultural richness of New York City through activities such as:

  • Food/walking tours: discovering ethnic neighborhoods and indulging in the world’s cuisines
  • Art, design, music events: experiencing diverse traditions from around the world, in museums, galleries, cultural centers, and on the streets of the city
  • International film festivals in the city, showings on-campus
  • Concerts and performances: tickets for theater and performances from different cultures
  • Events focusing on international politics and civic engagement:attending lectures and participating in discussions on international affairs and opportunities for volunteering in the community