There are many national scholarships which Pace students can apply for, both governmental and private. A growing number of free Web scholarship resources and financial aid information services are available to both help you identify such opportunities and give you advice and strategies for planning your college expenses. Dyson College is committed to helping you pursue external awards if you choose. Among them are traditionally prestigious private awards like the Rhodes, Mellon, Goldwater, and Udall scholarships, and federal ones like the Fulbright and National Science Foundation awards, in addition to other national awards given by such organizations as the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities.

Pace has many internal scholarships and awards to help its students meet their college expenses. The criteria may involve academic merit, financial need, or both. In most cases students do not apply directly for these awards; instead, the academic departments and Financial Aid identify candidates from University records. For a description of Pace awards, consult the Financial Aid information in the Undergraduate and Graduate catalogues and the Financial Aid Web pages or contact Financial Aid’s office of Endowed and External Scholarships at (914) 422-4050.

Dyson College Scholarships and Awards

Some Pace assistance is meant specifically for Dyson College undergraduates and graduate students. Like other internal Pace awards, most are initiated by academic departments or Financial Aid. They may be based on many different kinds of criteria in addition to merit or need—awards for students following certain majors, for underrepresented groups, for women, or for specific activities like study abroad. Some target specific times in your academic progress—for example, awards for sophomores or for graduating seniors or graduate students.

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