Dyson College Endowed Scholarships and Awards

Ignatz & Clara Buchsbaum Award
This award was established by John Buchsbaum of the Department of Social Sciences on the Pleasantville campus, in honor of his parents. The award is granted annually to the most outstanding graduating student majoring in History on the Pleasantville campus. If there are no outstanding history students, an outstanding student majoring in any of the social sciences is selected.

John Connelly Memorial Scholarship Fund
This endowed scholarship fund provides aid to full-time matriculated students majoring in business or drama and attending the NYC campus. Students must show financial need and maintain a GPA of at least 3.0.

The E. Virgil Conway Endowed Scholarship Fund
Endowed by E. Virgil Conway, income from this fund will be awarded to a full-time Dyson College undergraduate who shows academic promise and financial need at the discretion and direction of the Dean of the College. Awardees will be known as the "Conway Scholars."

Deloitte and Touche LLP Scholarship
The Deloitte and Touche LLP Scholarship is awarded to a deserving student entering the M.S. in Publishing program. The scholarship supports the need to educate students and prepare them for the profession of publishing.

The Charles H. Dyson Dean’s Achievement Award Scholarship Fund
This renewable merit scholarship will be given annually in June to one student in each department entering their sophomore year in a Dyson College of Arts & Sciences major. Students must have 30-45 credits by the end of the spring semester, at least 15 of which were completed at Pace University. Students must have and maintain a QPA of 3.3 or above. The Dean of Dyson College of Arts & Sciences will choose the students for the scholarship awards.

The Charles H. Dyson Profile in Courage Scholarship Award
Established in memory of the late Charles H. Dyson, ’30, alumnus and benefactor of the University. This merit award is given to a Dyson College student who has demonstrated extraordinary perseverance, often in the face of obstacles, in the pursuit of a Pace education.

Dyson Moral Obligation Scholarships
These undergraduate and graduate scholarships were established by the late Dr. Charles H. Dyson, ’30, former chairman of the Pace University Board of Trustees. The Moral Obligation Scholarship program is based on the idea that students receiving scholarship support from the University incur a moral obligation to replenish the University’s scholarship fund in the future. Each generation of scholarship recipients will have the responsibility to provide at least equivalent assistance to future generations of Pace students. Replenishment of the fund, in the form of a tax-deductible donation, is generally expected over a five- to ten-year period following graduation. Awards from this fund are restricted to students studying in the Dyson College of Arts & Sciences. Scholarship amounts vary from $500 to full tuition and fees each year, depending on the financial need and academic record of each applicant.

Dyson College Fund for International Students
The Dyson Fund for International Students is a Dean's award intended to provide financial aid annually to international students in Dyson College, either as a full or partial scholarship. Recipients are chosen based on both merit and need.

Professor Casper T. Faughnan, Professor Victor U. Palumbo and Professor John W. Sebring Criminal Justice Scholarship (Pleasantville campus)
This endowed scholarship was established through fund-raising activities of the Pace Criminal Justice Society. Each year one scholarship will be awarded. Preference will be given to Pace University criminal justice majors who are members of the Criminal Justice Society and who show financial need. Consideration will also be given to members of the Criminal Justice Society who have a minor in criminal justice. Awards are based on academic performance, participation in criminal justice activities, and financial need. The Financial Aid Office provides matching funds for this award.

Benjamin T. Ford Memorial Fund (New York City campus)
This fund provides a scholarship each year to an outstanding New York City campus senior graduating in the social sciences who has been accepted to a graduate school in social sciences or law. Interested students should contact the chairperson of the social sciences department in February of their senior year. This fund was established by the colleagues of the late Dr. Benjamin T. Ford, who was a Pace faculty member in the Social Sciences Department on the New York City campus for nearly 40 years.

The Ida and Jesse Frankel Endowed Scholarship
Established to support matriculated full-time undergraduate students in the Dyson College of Arts & Sciences. It is based upon academic achievement and financial need.

Adam Giardina Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in memory of Adam Giardina, ’92, this scholarship is awarded each year to an outstanding student majoring in criminal justice or pre-law studies. Pace graduates who are accepted to the Pace School of Law are also considered for the award. Recipients are selected on the basis of their academic record. Preference is given to graduates of Fox Lane High School.

Gill Memorial for English
The late Richard Gill, a former member of the English department, provided in his will for the endowment of this memorial scholarship fund. Recipients are selected through an annual writing competition conducted by the Department of English.

The Sandra Healy Endowed Scholarship
Established by a gift from James E. Healy, ’64 and his wife, Sandra, this endowed fund will support a student in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences who is pursuing a M.S. in Counseling degree with a major in substance abuse. Students must demonstrate financial need and academic promise.

William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship
Income from this fund is used to provide scholarships for minority students in science, nursing, and education. Awards are based on financial need and academic potential.

Ben Landriscina Scholarship
The Ben Landriscina Scholarship supports Dyson College students of Italian descent.

William Maher Scholarship
Pace University staff created this endowed scholarship fund in honor of William Maher, financial vice president of Pace University from 1983 until his passing in 1993. This fund provides aid to seniors in economics.

Kathryn and Gilbert Miller Scholarship
This endowed scholarship fund was established by the Kathryn and Gilbert Miller Fund, Inc. to provide financial aid to Dyson College of Arts & Sciences students majoring in the theatre arts.

The Billie and Curtis Owens Endowed Scholarship Fund
Established by Curtis Owens, the first chair of Pace University's Department of English, and his wife Billie, this endowment provides scholarship awards annually to full-time students on Pace University's New York City campus. Awardees are selected by the Department of English through an annual writing competition with awards available in four categories: short story, poetry, essay, and playwriting. Awards may also be outside the context of the writing competition to students exhibiting strong ability and demonstrated talent in writing. The categories in which awards are made and the number and size of awards are determined by the Department of English.

Pforzheimer Emergency Scholarship Fund
The Pforzheimer award assists students who have demonstrated financial need and have a QPA of at least 3.0.

The Pleasantville Campus Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences Endowed Scholarship
Endowed by gifts from Anthony Stapon '97 and the American Chemical Society, this fund will provide scholarship assistance to undergraduates on the Pleasantville campus who are majoring in Chemistry and/or Physical Sciences. Students must demonstrate academic promise and financial need.

Bernard Pohoryles Scholarship
This endowed scholarship fund was established in memory of Bernard Pohoryles, a member of the modern languages and cultures department for over 20 years. Awards from this fund are made to students who have completed at least two advanced courses in a foreign language, have a GPA of 3.0 or above, and will be studying abroad. Selection is made by the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures in New York.

Carol Raphael Creative Writing Prize for Poetry
This award goes to a senior in Literature and Communications (Pleasantville) or English (NYC) for the best submission of at least twelve poems.

The Sherman Raskin Scholarship
The Sherman Raskin Scholarship is given to a deserving student entering the M.S. in Publishing program. The scholarship is awarded to a student who shows academic excellence as well as need.

Reader's Digest Scholarship
The Reader's Digest scholarship helps support deserving students who plan to work in the field of publishing. The scholarship is awarded annually by the English department to a student who displays academic excellence as well as need. Students who wish to apply should fill out a FAFSA form.

James Donald Rose Scholarships
This fund was established by colleagues and friends of the late James Donald Rose, professor of English, to provide support to full-time students enrolled in either the Lubin School of Business or the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences. Recipients are selected through an annual writing competition conducted by the Department of English.

Michael L. Rovello Public Services Scholarship Award (Pleasantville campus)
Established in the fall of 1983, this scholarship provides an annual award of $500 to a senior majoring in a social science. Applicants must be graduates of a Westchester County high school. Applicants must demonstrate academic achievements and intend to pursue careers in government. Preference will be given to scholars who have completed internships in local government. The University will recommend finalists to the committee governing the scholarship fund for final selection. Application forms for juniors are available in the social sciences, history and public administration departments.

Herbert K. Schnall Times Mirror Magazine Scholarships
The Herbert K. Schnall Times Mirror Magazine Scholarships are awarded to minority students who enter Pace University's M.S. in Publishing program and elect a career in publishing. Scholarships are based on merit and financial need.