Advisory Board

The Writing Center is supported and guided by an advisory board comprising, in part, of local members who are professors at Pace University. Most of the local advisory board members are trained in discipline of English. Other members are professors in other disciplines who have an interest in, and are in support of the Writing Center. The coordinator of the writing center is a specialist in the field Rhetoric and Composition and Writing Center Pedagogy.

The advisory board also comprises regional and national members who lend support and guidance and help to ensure that the Pace University Writing Center’s practice adheres to national standards.

Local Advisory Board Members

  • Anthony Alfonso, M.S., Lecturer in the School of Education
  • Linda Anstendig, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus of English
  • Heather Bryant, M.F.A., Lecturer of English and Creative Writing
  • Jane Collins, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English
  • Joseph Franco, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology
  • Terence Hines, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology
  • Bette Kirschstein, Ph.D., Chair and Associate Professor of English and Modern Language Studies and Associate Dean of Dyson College
  • Patrick J. McGuigan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management and Management Science
  • Susan Merritt, Ph.D., Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Robert J. Mundy, D.A., Director of Composition, Writing-Enhanced Co-Director, and Assistant Professor of Composition & Rhetoric
  • Lesa Rader, MBA, M.S., Senior Academic Advisor, CAP
  • Rostyslaw Robak, Ph.D., Professor and Department Chair of Psychology
  • Andrew J. Stout, M.A., Writing Center Coordinator, Associate Director of Composition, Writing-Enhanced Co-Director, and Instructor of Composition & Rhetoric
  • Allen Stix, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Ama Wattley, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English

Regional/National Advisory Board Members

  • Margaret C. Ervin, Ph.D. directs the Writing Center and Business Writing Institute at West Chester University.  She began serving as the Writing Center director in 2007, and later founded The Business Writing Institute of the Writing Center in 2012.  Through the Business Writing Institute, she uses the principles of writing center pedagogy to train business writers on-site in their places of work.  In October of 2014, Dr. Ervin became the President of the Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association, where she has previously held the offices of Vice President and Secretary.