Online Writing Consultations

The Pace University Writing Center provides online consultations for writers who are unable to come in person to the Writing Center. These live consultations are conducted by Writing Center consultants via Google Docs during regular Writing Center hours. Please note: These writing consultations are available in 60-minute blocks only. Online sessions are designed to give writers the greatest possible benefit by following the purpose and model of the Writing Center’s traditional live sessions. To schedule an online writing session:



Go to our online scheuling system to create an appointment. You will need to schedule a one-hour block. Scheduling must occur at least one hour in advance, and the Writing Center cannot ensure that there will be staff available for online consulting during particularly busy periods.



After your session is scheduled, send a copy of the material you wish to work with to materials must be sent to us one hour prior to your session.  If you wish to brainstorm or discuss an assignment you haven't begun to write yet, please send any available instructions or a short summary of the assignment insteadYou should receive an automated response indicating that your email has arrived successfully within five minutes of sending. Please save your document as a .doc file because that is the format with which Google Docs can work.



At the scheduled time, check the e-mail account from which you sent your document. You will receive an e-mail from the Writing Center at the time your session is scheduled to begin. Click the link provided in the message to open your document in Google Docs. (You do not need to have a Google account to do this.) Next, click the arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the page (to the right of “PaceWritingCenter is viewing”) to open the chat window and message the Pace University online writing consultant.



The writing consultant will begin the session with a greeting in the text message area at the right of the screen. Please make an attempt to write clearly and correctly, to best enable the consultant to help you with your writing.



If you are having difficulty with these instructions, you may call 914-773-3942 for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Writing Consultations

Why can’t I just mail in my paper and then get it back, edited?
The Pace Writing Center Online Writing Consultation program is designed to best help students become successful writers, and in a real-time session with a writing consultant, you can learn a lot.

Why can’t I get help on my paper at 3:30 in the morning?
We do not have funds to pay writing consultants to work around the clock.

Why can't I get a session during the time I want?
The Writing Center has a limited number of writing consultants available. Sometimes, they may already be scheduled to work with another writer.

I have never used Google Docs. How does that work?
View the Online Writing Consultation page above. The first step is to e-mail the writing center your paper. When it is time for your session, the writing consultant will e-mail you a link that will take you directly to Google Docs. You need no prior experience using the program. When you get to Google Docs, you will see your paper in the center of the screen and a chat window on the right. The writing consultant will start by introducing himself or herself to you using chat and by asking you a few questions to get started. After that, the writing consultant may highlight sections of the paper, and you can do the same. You and the consultant will see anything that the other types or highlights on the paper in real time. This is as close as we can get to a face-to-face session.

Why do I have to sign up for an hour-long session to get an online writing consultation?
Typing back and forth takes more time than speaking. Because of this, we find that an hour-long session works best in the online format.