2011-2012 Faculty and Staff News

Horror Stories

Scary Stories to Tell on the Web

Jillian Mcdonald, Associate Professor of the Art department tells her own story about what happens when art meets Internet and how collaborative research with Seidenberg student Julie Gill ’12 helped bring her Horror Stories to life. >> Read more

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Communications major Boyan Robak and Paul Griffin, PhD, Psychology professor team up to explore gender differences in romantic rejection. The research, which was part of the Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Initiative, was proposed to Griffin by Robak, who had recently been through a break-up. >> Read more

The Actors Studio Drama School

Actors Studio Drama School Named in Top 25 Drama Schools

The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University has been named one of the “Top 25 Drama Schools” by The Hollywood Reporter.

Dyson Technology Award

Dyson Technology Award

Michelle Pulaski-Behling, Associate Professor of the Media, Communication and Visual Arts department, received the annual Dyson Technology Award. The award was presented to Dr. Pulaski-Behling (second from right) by Dean Nira Herrmann (far left), last year’s Award winner Professor Linda Anstendig (second from left), and the 2010 Award winner and Dyson Day organizer Associate Dean Andres Villagra (far right).

Allan Rabinowitz

Congratulations Professor Allan Rabinowitz on 50 years of Service

Professor Rabinowitz, cofounder of the MS in Publishing program for Dyson College and professor of both publishing and accounting, worked in the corporate sector as an accountant, as well as a Pace alumnus! His contributions at Pace span years through change and innovation in the financial sector as well as the Publishing industry. >> Read more about Professor Rabinowitz

Jefferson Awards

Jefferson Awards for Public Service

The Jefferson Awards were established to recognize and honor individuals whose community service efforts best exemplify dedication to enhancing the quality of life in their community. Congratulations to the Dyson Jefferson Award winners: Alyssa Feldman, Student, Psychology, PNY; Alisha Hayes, Student, Criminal Justice, PLV; and Ellen Mandel, Faculty, Media and Communications, PLV. >> Learn more

Sarah Blackwood

Professor Awarded NEH Fellowship

Sarah Blackwood, Assistant Professor of English and Director of the American Studies Program in Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, has been awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities fellowship to participate in a NEH Summer Institute: The Visual Culture of the Civil War, a two-week seminar with experts in the field of nineteenth-century visual culture and visits to various New York City archives.

Emilie Zaslow

YouTube Phenomenon Has Girls Asking: Am I Pretty?

Emilie Zaslow, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Communication Studies describes how today’s online world for young people is only just beginning to be understood by researchers. >> Read more

18 Voices Sing Kol Nidre

Dyson Professor’s Documentary Nominated for 2 Emmy Awards

The documentary film “18 Voices Sing Kol Nidre” produced and directed by Media and Communication Arts Professor Allen Oren was nominated for two Emmy awards.

Scripting Hitchcock

English Professors Nominated for Edgar Allan Poe Award

Scripting Hitchcock by English Professors Walter Raubicheck and Walter Srebnick has been nominated for a 2012 Edgar Allan Poe Award by the Mystery Writers of America.

Jillian  Mcdonald

Fine Arts Professor Awarded Grant for Video and Media Work

Associate Professor of Fine Arts Jillian Mcdonald was awarded a Canada Arts Council Media Arts Production Grant (Mid-Career), for the creation of two video works and one new media work over the next two years. Mcdonald has also been named the 2012 Canadian winner of the highly-respected Glenfiddich Artist in Residence award.(more info on Prof. Mcdonald; on the award)

Dyson Professor Receives Award at FACT

Associate Professor of Fine Arts Will Pappenheimer and his collective, ManifestAR, were awarded a $42K commission at FACT, Liverpool in November, 2011 to create a significant new body of work. (more info on Prof. Pappenheimer; on the award)

Charolette Becket Featured in New Artists

Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Charlotte Becket is included in the book, 100 New Artists, featuring the new themes, media, imagery and ideas emerging in contemporary art practice. (Gavin, Francesca. 100 New Artists. Laurence King Publishers, 2011. 336 pages.)

Wild Style

Top 10 Films about New York

Adjunct Art Professor Charlie Ahearn’s film “Wild Style” was named one of the top 10 films about New York by the New York Post.

Dyson Professors Recipients of Kenan Award

Economics Professor Mark Weinstock and Media and Communication Arts Associate Professor Maria Luskay were selected as recipients of the Kenan Award for Teaching Excellence by the Office of the Provost. The awards will be presented at the 2012 Commencement ceremony in May.

Meteorology Professor Receives Outstanding Service Award

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Meteorology, Mark Kramer, has been selected to receive the Outstanding Service Award from the New York State Science Olympiad Board of Directors in April 2012.

English Professor Presents at NY State History Conference

A paper by Dorothee von Huene Greenberg, Ph. D., Professor of English, “Moses Pierce and the Underground Railroad in New York” has been accepted for presentation at the Conference on New York State History, to be held at Niagara University on June 14–16, 2012.

Durahn Taylor talks "Race, Class and Violence"

Durahn Taylor gave a talk on March 13 entitled, “Race, Class, and Violence: The New York Draft Riots of 1863” at SUNY Orange in Middletown. The talk is open to the public and offered through the New York Council for the Humanities’s “Speakers in the Humanities” series commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

English Professor Speaks About Woolf at Colloquium

English Professor Mark Hussey was an invited speaker at the colloquium “Woolf Among the Philosophers,” organized by the group ‘Tropismes’ at Paris Ouest Nanterre, in collaboration with the universities of Toulouse (France), Keele (UK), and Glasgow (UK) March 22-24.

Nicholas Catalano's Novel About Experiences Sailing Published

English and Fine Arts Professor Nicholas Catalano, PhD has published the new novel, A New Yorker at Sea (Aegeon Press) based on his personal experience aboard a real circumnavigation, Boston Light, as a crewmember in 1988. The sailing story features pirates, terrorists, desert storms, corrupt officials and many other adventures.

Dyson Professors Article "Changing the Security Culture" Published

Dr. Joseph Ryan and Dr. Beth Gordon Klingner had the article “Changing the Security Culture: Graduate Education in Homeland Security” published in Journal of the Global Homeland Security Education Network.

Brian Rhinehart Awarded Scholarship to Research "Theatre Tracks"

Actors Studio Drama School’s Professor Brian Rhinehart has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to research the play-devising technique “Theatre Tracks” of Professor Ulrich Jaeckle (of The University of Braunschweig in Germany) Professor Jaeckle will host Professor Rhinehart at The University of Braunschweig for 4-6 weeks, to observe classes and rehearsals, conduct workshops, and ultimately, co-develop a theatrical production Dispersal: A Gentrification Story which will be brought to New York City for further development.


A Postwar Picture of Resilience

Assistant Professor of Psychology Anthony D. Mancini, PhD, discusses the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder among Iraq and Afghanistan soldiers in an op-ed for The New York Times. Read More

Political Science Professor Quoted on CBS News

Political Science Associate Professor Christopher Malone, PhD was quoted on the CBS evening news on February 8 in regards to the backlash the Susan G. Komen Fight for the Cure Foundation received for initially pulling its funding for Planned Parenthood. The article briefly discusses the loss and regain of funding and support of Planned Parenthood.

Emilie Zaslow

Author of Feminist, Inc. Discusses Obsession with Beauty

Emilie Zaslow, PhD, Communication Studies professor, will join in a panel discussion following the screening of America the Beautiful during Love Your Body Week.

Dyson Year in Review

Dyson Year in Review: 2010-2011

A look back at the 2010-11 achievements of Dyson College students, faculty, staff, and alumni including new undergraduate research, curricular innovations, cross-cultural collaborations, and many other new and exciting developments. >> Read the Dyson Year in Review

Best Poetry of 2011

Poet-in-Residence Charles North’s new book, What It Is Like: New and Selected Poems, has has been named to NPR’s Best Poetry of 2011 list.

9 Billion People + 1 Planet =

Andrew Revkin, Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding, discusses efforts to balance human activities with the planet’s finite resources at the University of Arizona on January 26.

Jorge Cacheiro named Latino Trendsetter

The 10th Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards and scholarship gala celebrated Jorge Luis Cacheiro, Chairman of the Dyson College of Arts & Sciences Performing Arts Department for his leadership in the Hispanic community. He has been a leading university theater innovator for almost two decades. >> Read more

Linda Herritt Exhibition Featured at Fingesten Gallery

Linda Herritt’s installations and drawings present warped fields of text based on divergent representations of the landscape. In this exhibition, she combines digitally generated geological surveys with references to traditional Chinese painting. >> Learn more

Residency with The Watermill Center/Lincoln Center

Dyson Adjunct Professor Annie Levy was chosen to participate in The Watermill Center/Lincoln Center Directors Lab Partnership’s inaugural residency at The Watermill Center in Watermill, New York. Professor Levy will spend her time amongst 13 directors from seven different countries developing WorldWideLab, an international Directors Lab Festival.

Teen Speak

Teen Speak: What Teens Really Mean

Master of Counseling Chair Rostyslaw Robak, PhD and Adjunct Professor Jennifer Powell-Lunder, Ph.D. joined together to present “Teen Speak: What Teens Really Mean” a panel discussion on parent-teen communications on November 3. News 12 Westchester covered the evening’s event at the Pleasantville Campus.

Mark Hussey

Mark Hussey Awarded Grant for Woolf Online Project

Professor Mark Hussey, PhD along with two colleagues from Loyola University Chicago were awarded a two-year, $175K grant by The National Endowment for the Humanities Editions Program for their work on the Woolf Online Project. The project will be a knowledge site for Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse.

Wade Pickren

Wade Pickren Quoted in New York Times

The chair of Pace’s psychology department in New York City, Wade Pickren, PhD, recalled the impact that the famed psychologist James Hillman had on therapy and the “men’s movement” in Hillman’s obituary in The New York Times.


Erica Kipp Presents at NABT

Biology Professor Erica Kipp presented “Enhancing Student Learning Using On-Line Media” and “Hands-on Labs (HOL): Using Technology and Web-Based Resources to Transform a Traditional Lab-Based Biology Course into a Distance Learning (DL) Hybrid Course” at the National Association of Biology Teachers October 2011 professional development conference in Anaheim, CA.

Marcy Kelly

Mentoring Faculty in Biology Publication

Biology Professor Marcy Kelly, PhD was chosen to lead the ASM/NSF Biology Scholars Program Transitions Residency mentoring faculty through the beginning steps of publication in biology and/or science education venues.

JaimeLee Iolani Rizzo

Professor Rizzo Weighs in on Chemicals in Shampoos

Professor JaimeLee Iolani Rizzo, PhD assistant chair of the Chemistry & Physical Sciences Department, was interviewed in the September 2011 issue of Westchester Magazine in the Ask the Expert section written by Mel Matzker. Rizzo spoke about the effectiveness of different chemicals used for shampoos targeted towards curly and straight hair.

JoAnn Yeoman Tongret

NYC Society of Directors and Choreographers Accepts Professor into Observership Program

Performing Arts Adjunct Professor JoAnn Yeoman Tongret has been accepted to the New York City Society of Directors and Choreographers Observership Program. Prof. Tongret teaches courses in “American Musical Theatre” and “Theatre Dance Styles”.

The Late Plays of Tennessee Williams

Performing Arts Assistant Professor Cosmin Chivu and Grant Kretchik hosted three previews of their corresponding productions of The Parade and Something Cloudy, Something Clear. Kretchik and Chivu are mentioned in the September issue of American Theater Magazine in the article “You Are Not the Playwright I Was Expecting”, by fellow faculty member Thomas Keith.

Bob Cline

Broadway Names Top Ten Casting Directors

Performing Arts Adjunct Professor Bob Cline was named one of Broadway’s top ten casting directors.

Mcdonald’s ‘Body Count’ Opens Oct. 11

Body Count, a solo show of work by Jillian Mcdonald, Associate Professor of Fine Arts, will be on view in the Peter Fingesten Gallery Oct. 11 through Nov. 19. Stop in and check out her new video, Field of the Dead and Undead, which also landed on the cover of the new book Better Off Dead. Mcdonald was recently awarded a Canada Council for the Arts Media Arts Production Grant. More info.

New Commercial Dance Program Launches

New Commercial Dance Program Launches

Read interviews with Director Rhonda Miller in Dance Teacher, Dance Spirit, and Back Stage magazines.

Give Peace a Chance

Give Peace a Chance

To celebrate International Day of Peace, Dyson College launched a Peace and Justice Studies minor in New York City. >> Learn more

Nira Herrmann

Announcing New Dyson Faculty and Staff

Dean Nira Herrmann, PhD, Dyson College, would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new faculty and staff. >> Learn more

Lee Evans' Fiesta! Published by FJH Music Company

Fiesta! Original Latin American Piano Solos by Performing Arts Professor Lee Evans, EdD, was published by FJH Music Company in August. Dr. Evans has also been invited to present a lecture, “Essentials of Composing, Improvising, and the Interpretation of Chord Symbols in Jazz & Popular Music” at the next Music Teachers National Association conference to be held in New York City in March 2012.

Between The Acts Chosen as a Staff Pick in the Paris Review

Professor of English Mark Hussey, PhD’s recently published Cambridge edition of Virginia Woolf’s final novel, Between the Acts, was chosen as a staff pick in the Paris Review on August 19, 2011.

Sergey Kazakov Granted Two Patents on Research

Sergey Kazakov, PhD, Chemistry and Physical Sciences, coauthored with his collaborator, Prof. Kalle Levon, PhD, (Polytechnic University of NYU), has been granted two US patents: “Nanogels and their production using liposomes as reactors” (May 17, 2011, Patent No.: US 7943067 B2) and “Lipobeads and their production” (February 8, 2011, Patent No.: US 7883648 B2).

"Invisible ARtaffects" Chosen As A Winner by ARtSense Commission

Associate Professor of Art Will Pappenheimer’s proposal “Invisible ARtaffects” was chosen as the winning concept by The ARtSense Commission at The Foundation for Creative Technology (FACT). The $32K grant creates a significant new artwork that aligns with one of its current research interests in “augmented reality supported adaptive and personalized experiences” and “events” for museums. Prof. Pappenheimer’s proposal engages the work of an artist collective he co-founded in January called Manifest.AR, which has pioneered the creation of artworks that intervene in virtual public GPS space and are visible through mobile media such as smart phones and tablet PCs. “Invisible ARtaffects” will explore the linked appearance of these virtual objects with audience response translated through compact wearable bio and brainwave sensing devices. Research will involve a year-long collaboration between artists in Manifest.AR and the ARtSense consortium of European technology companies, universities and museums, and a significant exhibition at FACT in mid-2013. ManifestAR will also explore Liverpool public, architectural and community issues that will become part of the project that is not limited to the FACT building. Prof. Pappenheimer will attend the presentation of The ARtSense Commission to the consortium at the Louvre in Paris on January 26, 2012.

Professor's Paper Performed at American Shakespeare Center Conference

Women’s and Gender Studies Professor Sid Ray, PhD, participated in a conference at the American Shakespeare Center at the Blackfriars replica theatre in Virginia. Dr. Ray worked with two of the theatre’s star actors who performed her paper, “Schticky Shakespeare: Testing Acting as Eloquence.” Read more about the conference.

Communications Professor Quoted in The New York Times

Dr. Emilie Zaslow, Communication Studies Assistant Professor and author of “Feminism, Inc. – Coming of Age in Girl Power Media Culture” was quoted in the Fashion & Style section of The New York Times on October 21. Dr. Zaslow spoke with Austin Considine in the article, A Little Imperfection for That Smile? about the new trend of the disarraying of teeth in Japan.

Five Dyson Faculty Members Awarded Project Pericles Fellowship Grants

Five Dyson faculty members were awarded Project Pericles Fellowship Grants for developing community-based learning courses for the Civic Engagement and Public Value (AOK1) component of the University Core Curriculum. They are:

  • Dr. Stephanie Hsu; English
  • Dr. Linda Gottesfeld; Fine Art
  • Dr. Emily Welty; Political Science
  • Prof. George DeFeis; Management
  • Dr. Walter Morris; Economics

These $1000 grants are funded by the Office of the President, and serve to recognize faculty who make an innovative contribution to advancing the goal of civic engagement at Pace University.