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Fall 2006


Jane Dickson, Fine Arts, has her exhibit, “Almost There,” showing at The Jersey City Museum, now through January 21, 2007. “Almost There” presents four of her large oil paintings on Astroturf. The images reflect a landscape that is familiar to us: highways, strip malls, roadside motels and tunnels. Never banal, these ordinary places become monumental subjects when seen at night. They are unexpected yet instantly recognizable as they grace the walls of the Project Gallery.

JaimeLee I'olani Rizzo, PhD, Chemistry, received Minority Access’s 2006 Role Model Award, conferred at the National Role Models Awards Banquet this September.

Jillian Mcdonald, Fine Arts, had her video Screen Kiss shown in the exhibition "Celebrity" at Sixty Seven Gallery in Chelsea this July and August. Her video Chester and Poncho was on view at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art in Wisconsin this summer. Her interactive web project, Snow Stories, was featured at The Festival of Elelctronic Language in Sao Paolo Brazil, and her work was featured in Amínima magazine from Spain.

McDonald’s new video, "Horror Make-up" was on view in the project space at Art Moving Projects, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, from Sept 8 through Oct 15. In "Horror Make-up" McDonald transforms herself from normal to zombie in the midst of a daily subway commute. Instead of improving her features, like the woman who steadily applies makeup en route to work or play, she becomes gruesome. This work takes cues from the legion of women who perform beauty rituals on the subway in a curious private zone where they are unaware of anything outside their activity, and the rising cult of zombies in popular culture, where zombie gatherings and zombie lore flourish. Locating the audience physically in the subway performance space positions them as both voyeurs and potential victims. She was interviewed about this work by “Socket” CBC Radio One host Angela Antle, and her work was featured in the New York Times Arts and Leisure section in July.

John Mulgrew, Fine Arts, curates the exhibitionJoel Meyerowitz Photographs - The Early Works” at the Pace University Peter Fingesten Gallery, New York City campus, which runs from September 15-October 31.

William Pappenheimer, Fine Arts presented Motion Still Life 01 - Cabaret Volaire, Zurich - July 12 - Aug. 1 st. The Motion Still life series extends the artistic tradition of the picturesque and spatial object arrangement into the domain of the Internet.  A live Web camera frames a physical still life scene with vase, flowers and still life objects. Aesthetic Web controls allow the internet viewer from anywhere to adjust the composition telematically.  The Internet user is the surrogate artist.

Pappenheimer co-curated “Hypertexturalities” at the Florence Lynch Gallery, which ran from September 8 - October 7, 2006. The exhibit is curated by Lee Klein with artists, Rick Hildenbrandt, Ron Janowich and Merijn van der Heijden, Ed Kerns and Elizabeth Chapman, Roy Lerner, Fabian Marcaccio, Mark Milloff, Will Pappenheimer, and Tyrome Triploli.

Pappenheimer had his interactive exhibit “Public Mood Ring”, presented during “ZeroOne,” a week-long art festival in downtown San Jose this summer. His work measured a news story’s mood and translated it into colors projected onto an awning.

Kathleen Roche R.N., FNP, RPA-C, MPA, Director of the Pace University-Lenox Hill Hospital Physician Assistant Program was nominated by the Accreditation Review Commission of Physician Assistants (ARC-PA)  to be an ARC-PA Site Visitor.  Site visitors visit at least three programs each year to decide if the program is in compliance with the ARC-PA standards.

Roche is also one of four contributors to a column entitled "Preparing for an ARC-PA Accreditation Visit" published in the October Journal of Physician Assistant Education (PAEA). The article discusses how four Physician Assistant Program Directors focus on the process of preparing for an ARC-PA site visit.

Roger Sayre, Fine Arts, had his exhibit, "Thrown Upon the Wall: Shadows on Scrim," at the Cooke Contemporary gallery in Jersey City through Sept. 9. The gallery hosted an unusual series of nightly exhibitions projected onto the windows of its exhibition space at 125 First St. In fact, the gallery was closed during the day and was alive only after the sun went down. The color- and light-filled show was created by artist Roger Sayre for the Cooke Contemporary space. Sayre curates the monthly exhibits in the Brunswick Window public gallery space in Jersey City, and therefore knows from windows. The shadow play grows out of Sayre's interest in childhood amusements.

Richard Schlesinger, PhD, Dyson Associate Dean, and Chair and Professor of Biology and Health Sciences, has been awarded a contract from the Electric Power Research Institute to develop a white paper on the role of inorganic chemical components of particulate air pollution in the production of adverse health effects . He presented a paper, "The Role of Oxidative Stress in the Pathophysiology of Particulate Air Pollution- Induced Health Effects," at the International Symposium on Air Pollution and Health held in New Orleans in June. He also has been appointed to a National Academy of Sciences committee that will review the respiratory health research and worker protection programs of the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH).

Anna Shostya, Economics, had her paper “Financial Fragility in Transition Economies: The Case of Ukraine” presented at the 62nd International Atlantic Economic Society Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in October

Angelo Spillo, Director, Environmental Center, has been appointed to The Citizen’s Forest Regeneration Task Force, a new task force formed to deal with issues caused by the burgeoning population of white-tail deer in Westchester County. The group will study current research on deer population to develop a strategy that Westchester County parks staff, municipal officials, and private property owners can use in the management of deer-related problems.

Mark Weinstock, Economics, organized a workshop on “Globalization” at the 62nd International Atlantic Economic Society Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in October. Together with his student, Vanessa Savino, he also presented a paper “The Evolution of Central Banking in China.”

Adelia Williams, Dyson Associate Dean, Bill Offutt, History, Barbara Pennipede, Asst. Vice President, Planning, Assessment, Research and Academic Budgeting, and Sue Schmid, Director, Center for Academic Excellence, co-authored NSSE and The Pace University Sophomore-Experience Survey, which discusses the Pace University Sophomore Experience Working Group initiatives to improve student success and retention in esource for College Transitions’s September 2006 online newsletter.

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