New Film and Screen Studies Screening Room

Dyson Digital Digest
Fall 2006


The Bachelor of Arts in Film and Screen Studies program, which began this fall on both the New York City and Pleasantville campuses, now features a dedicated viewing room with recently upgraded state-of-the-art equipment and technology on the lower Manhattan campus.

Room W524 in One Pace Plaza, which had existing built-in audio/video equipment, was upgraded with a new 5.1 Marantz surround sound system. Additionally, improvements to image quality include the installation of a new 6 x 8 foot Da-Lite electronic screen, an Eiki DLP projector, Marantz all-region DVD player, JVC VCR player, Extron Scaler, VGA switcher, and MacBook Pro laptop. The Marantz all-region DVD player is a professional grade unit that will enable the screening of films produced in countries other than the United States. The MacBook Pro will enable the use of software programs widely used in video, animation, and design that are designed for Mac. The VGA switcher was installed to accommodate the introduction of a Mac computer, as well as any other computer brought in to connect to the system.

A DVD library was established with more than 200 titles in inventory, ranging from classics such as Rebel Without a Cause and La Dolce Vita to contemporary films including AI: Artificial Intelligence and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

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