Fall 2010

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Indie Romantic Comedy Filmed on Campus Stars Pace Students
When Nayan Padrai saw Rahul Rai dancing at a Slumdog Millionaire after-party at a New York City nightclub, there was just something about him that caught the filmmaker’s eye. He knew this young man would be perfect … Read more
Summer Student-Faculty Research Tradition Continues

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences continues to build on its tradition of fostering student-faculty research. This summer, for the third …Read more
In Class and Out—Learning Opportunities in Dyson
In Dyson College we pride ourselves on offering an education with a strong liberal arts foundation combined with professional preparation. This translates into a whole lot of teaching that doesn’t happen in the traditional classroom setting. The days when college learning meant long hours in the library reading thick text books are long gone.
Read more
Meet the New Faculty

Several new professors have joined the Dyson College of Arts and College faculty this fall. David Zuzga, PhD, has joined the Biology …Read more
Dyson Houses Program Expands

Building on an extremely successful pilot project, Dyson College now has themed “houses” that offer first-year students a feeling of having …Read more
Learning Communities: Exploring Subjects from Multiple Sides

Some of Pace’s most unique – and most popular – classes are taught by not one, but two professors who pair up to team teach … Read more
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Alumni Notes
Actors Studio Drama School alum one-act black comedy opened at Festival …Read more
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Art Faculty Exhibited All Over the World This Summer

Featuring a summer filled with shows, exhibits, and residencies around the world, Pace’s New York City Art Department faculty members spent … Read more
Confucius Institute Shares Chinese Culture with Community

The Confucius Institute at Pace University (Pace CI) has been up to a lot recently, not least of which is engaging the local and downtown … Read more
Reacting To The Past: Teaching For The Future

Somewhere within Pace University, it’s 1796 and the Jacobins are making sneaky plans in the hallways, which have morphed into … Read more
Alumni Spotlight: Courniotes Takes ‘Freedom’s Gate’ from Screenwriting Course to the Big Screen

As part of a course assignment while completing her bachelor’s degree in communications at Pace, Annette Courniotes ’08 wrote … Read more
Faculty Spotlight: Senior Associate Dean Joseph R. Franco

Joseph R. Franco, PhD, Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), National Board Certified Counselor (NCC) and the Senior … Read more
Faculty & Staff Notes

Running for office, walking to fight breast cancer, presenting at national conferences, and being interviewed by national and international media, Dyson professors are actively engaged in their fields. … Read more
Student Notes

From starring opposite Keanu Reeves in a major film to performing with the national Broadway company of Hair, read more about how Dyson students are making their mark on the world! … Read more
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