Dyson Houses Program Expands

  Bam House
    Body and Mind House members grab a bite in Manhattan. The Houses program provide students a way to bond outside of the classroom.

Building on an extremely successful pilot project, Dyson College now has themed “houses” that offer first-year students a feeling of having a “home away from home” on both the New York City and Pleasantville campuses.

The program started with just two houses on the New York City campus two years ago and now has five houses in New York City and two houses on the Pleasantville campus. The houses offer students a unique set of cultural, intellectual, and social activities to enhance their Pace experiences, as well as a faculty don and peer leader to help guide the way.

Green House  
  Green House members show their colors in sidewalk art.  

In New York City, Dyson students can join Body and Mind House with a focus on healthy bodies and minds; Gotham House, which explores the New York City arts scene; the environmentally-focused Green House; One World House with an emphasis on cultural diversity; or the techie Online University Technopolis (OUT) House. In Pleasantville, Dyson students can choose between Omega House, which is organized around a broad-based science theme, and Paragon House, which focuses on social interactions and wellness.

Find out more on the Dyson Houses website.