Meet the New Faculty

Several new professors have joined the Dyson College of Arts and College faculty this fall.

David Zuzga, PhD, has joined the Biology and Health Sciences Department in New York City as an Assistant Professor. He previously was a visiting Assistant Professor at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. His research is focused on cell biology, and in particular, he studies cytoskeletal dynamics and cell migration.

  Stephanie Hsu
    Stephanie Hsu, PhD

“The goal is to understand these basic cell processes and to apply this knowledge in pathological contexts, such as cancer metastasis, to better understand disease and general novel therapeutic strategies.”

What drew Dr. Zuzga to Pace was the opportunity to collaborate with a number of faculty on interdisciplinary research projects.

“Working on projects outside of your primary field stretches the boundaries of what questions you typically ask and results in new growth and learning.” Dr. Zuzga will be teaching courses in general biology, genetics, biology and contemporary society, and advanced cell biology.

Stephanie Hsu, PhD, received her doctorate in English at New York University in 2009 and was a lecturer at University of California-Santa Barbara and at Hunter College before joining the Pace faculty as an Assistant Professor in the English Department. Although she has been a New Yorker since 1997 when she first came here to attend college, Dr. Hsu is a native of the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

  Rita Upmacis
    Rita Upmacis, PhD

Her area of concentration is 20th Century American literature and cultural studies, with an emphasis in Asian American studies and queer studies. She will be teaching courses on Asian American diasporic literature, queer theory, and 20th Century American literature. What about Pace attracted Dr. Hsu: “The student body is exceptionally diverse and cosmopolitan, and I believe that Pace is both literally and figuratively at the heart of New York City’s future.”

Rita Upmacis, PhD, was an Associate Research Professor at Weill Cornell Medical College in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, despite the fact that her PhD is in Inorganic Chemistry. Dr. Upmacis’ area of research is focused on “factors that lead to increased oxidative and nitrative stress under conditions of inflammation or during disease states, such as atherosclerosis.” She is particularly interested in “understanding nitric oxide-related chemistry that may occur under normal versus pathophysiological conditions.”

Dr. Upmacis was attracted to Pace because of its reputation and was also thoroughly impressed with the accomplishments of the people she has met here.

  Hillary Knepper
    Hillary Knepper, PhD

Hillary Knepper, PhD, has joined the Dyson faculty as an Assistant Professor in the Public Administration Department. After received her bachelor’s degree in urban affairs from Hunter College and her master’s degree in public administration from Troy University, Dr. Knepper went on to receive her PhD in public affairs from the University of Central Florida.

Dr. Knepper’s research has included serving as the principal investigator for a national study of 123 county-based health care networks, principal investigator for foster care study, and principal investigator for a community access to health care study. She has also made extensive service contributions including as the vice president for programs of the Central Florida ASPA, and board member and evaluation chair for the Lake County Kid Care Coalition. She will be teaching courses in public administration, nonprofit management, health care, and government.

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