MOOC is the Word

  The Amazing Flipped Classroom

A MOOC is a massive open online course open to the public and free to anyone, anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  It’s the latest in a series of innovations that are rocking the classroom and revolutionizing access to learning. 

Peggy Minnis, lecturer in the department of chemistry and physical sciences, launched Dyson College’s first MOOC with a course in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Basics, a system of analytical mapping.  GIS allows us to answer questions by looking at data in way that is easily understood.  It has many applications such as determining the location of fire hydrants relative to houses or the progress and direction of epidemics.  Students started out by mapping their home areas.

Minnis’ course ran for 12 weeks, and was free and open to the public.  It was popular with more than 600 students enrolled including employees from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.