Chemistry Students Present at Chemical Society

Chemistry majors gave power point presentations at the 54th Annual New York Section of the American Chemical Society’s Undergraduate Research Symposium this April, held at St. John’s University. They are:

Natasha Fougere, “Synthesis and Investigation of a New Antimicrobial Surface Based on Gelatin B”

Alvin Ngai, ”Synthesis of Antimicrobial Gelled Salts”

Gabriel Krigsfeld, “Synthesis And Characterization Of Bis(2,9-Dimethyl-1,10-Phenanthroline) Copper(I) Decahydrdecaborate(2-)”

Margarita Potashnikova, “Copper(I) Complexes Of Unconjugated Diimines. The Effect Of The P-Substituent On Structure And Stability”

Andrea Aquilato, “Modified Liposomes As A Viral And Bacterial Inhibitors”

Korki Marie Miller, “Ion-Responsive Polymer Network”

Additionally, Dyson students Christopher Chum, Gabriel Krigsfeld, and Susan Pun participated as moderators for concurrent sessions.

Associate Professor of Chemistry JaimeLee I’olani Rizzo, Ph.D., was the Co-Chair for the Symposium. Other Pace faculty in attendance included Raifah Kabbani, PhD, Zhohai Dai, PhD., and Sergey Kazakov, PhD.

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