Dr. Anthony Gagliardi `75 Shares His Story about Charles H. Dyson`s Generosity and Support

Charles H. Dyson

Charles H. Dyson

January 31, 2007 - I attended Pace on a variety of ‘scholarships’--partial science, as a resident assistant, and work-study. Regularly I was able to register for the next semester only by finally paying off what I owed from the previous semester.

When I attended orientation in 1971, Ed Mortola made a statement that if anyone ever needed help to ‘come and see me.’ As a member of the newly formed ‘Open Curriculum Program’ at Pace I felt rather empowered and presented myself at his office sometime in my second year. Despite the lack of an appointment he graciously agreed to see me. He was, in fact, meeting at that moment with Mr. Dyson. I explained that I needed to get a loan that I would repay as soon as I was able but had no means or time to obtain one through the regular channels as I needed to register ASAP. ‘Charlie’ listened to my story--was impressed that I presented myself to the president of the college (we were not yet a University), and gave me the money.

A short time later, when I called to clarify the terms he told me it was not a loan. Mr. Dyson was a wonderful man, whose heart was even larger than his wallet and though a businessman in a ‘business school’ supported the arts and sciences with zeal and vigor.

I saw him briefly at my graduation and told him someday I hoped that his ‘investment’ would pay off. He simply smiled, shook my hand firmly and said ‘go get ‘em’.’

It is a wonderful privilege for Pace to continue to be associated with the Dyson family name. Congratulations on the gift!

--Dr. Anthony Gagliardi ‘75

Dr. Gagliardi is Senior Vice President and Medical Director, Pulmonary Disease, at St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan.