Publishing Professionals Meet for Second Digital Conference


Banquet at the end of the conference with Professor Raskin (Pace University) Dr. Chen, Dean of the School of Library Science Wuhan University, Mr. Hao from the China Instititue of Publishing Science and Professor Zhou from the Publishing Department Wuhan Unversity.

Opening Ceremony of Digital Publishing Conference

Opening ceremony of the second digital publishing conference at Wuhan University. Seated are administrators from the University, Professor Sherman Raskin representing Pace University and representatives from GAPP.

The second Digital Conference in Publishing, co-sponsored by Pace University and Wuhan University was held in November in Wuhan, China. Scholars and publishing professionals from North America, Europe and Asia participated in the conference.

The conference is part of an ongoing collaboration between Pace University’s publishing program, publishing professionals in China and the U.S., and the Phoenix Publishing and Media Group.

“As technology changes the business of publishing, professionals are concerned with the effect on the industry. The Pace University/Wuhan University conference keeps us on the cutting edge as these changes evolve,” said Professor Sherman Raskin, Director of the Pace Publishing Program.

Professor Raskin gave the opening remarks at the conference. David Hetherington, former CFO of Columbia University Press and Professor of Publishing at Pace University, spoke on “Digital Publishing Technology and the Global Liquidity Crisis.” Xiaochuan Lian, Senior Staff Associate and Professor of Publishing, Pace University, spoke on “Reading in the Digital Age.”

The following papers submitted by Pace University faculty were read by Wuhan University graduate publishing students: “Marketing in an Increasing Digital World” by Professor Manuela Soares; “Ownership of Faculty-Produced Works: The Case for Stronger University Intellectual Rights” by Professor Shay Humphrey; “The Impact of Technology on Education Publishing” by Robert Rogalin, former President Mcmillian/McGraw Hill.

The next conference is scheduled for 2010 in Beijing.